C-suite Raises Seed Funding

C-suite, a recently launched online-to-offline-to-online learning platform for executives, has raised an undisclosed ‘six-figure dollars’ amount in a seed funding round, the company has announced recently.

The round was led by angel investors, including the company’s co-founder and chief operating officer Don Tsai.

According to a press statement, the company will use the fresh funds to expand its team and roll out new marketing initiatives.

Founded in 2020, C-suite positions itself as an exclusive community hub, a social network, news and views forum, and a recommendation engine. It allows executives and professionals to get access to virtual gatherings, real-world conferences, and other learning opportunities through a paid-for app. The platform claims to have attracted nearly 200 high-profile members within the first two weeks of operations.

C-suite is on a mission to help managers become high-performing leaders; leaders to become better managers; aspirational professionals to join the C-suite ranks; and, consequently, to help the businesses win.

Explaining about the company and why businesses need such a platform, Dean Carroll, Co-founder and CEO, C-suite, said,

“What brought it home to me was participating in leadership training recently and also finding myself a career mentor to guide me along the way. I could see the positive results these things brought in terms of making a better professional.”

“Even if you are lucky enough to receive in-house leadership training, complete an MBA or EMBA and participate in higher-level business education, it is clear the learning journey shouldn’t stop there. This is most definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Hopefully, the C-suite community can play its small part in helping to make members, their companies and their teams better.”

The co-founder added if we get those elements right, the business success will surely follow.

C-suite plans to roll out additional features such as a jobs marketplace, and concierge services on its platform, and also a mobile app in 2021, according to a statement.

According to Dean Carroll, citing World Bank, there are two million higher income and upper-middle-income individuals in the world. He said they will serve that community as well as the tens of millions of aspirants in the lower-middle-income brackets.

C-suite aims to support the pillars of community, content and connectivity. Headquartered in Singapore, the company serves executives across Asia. It currently has a team of six who spread across Singapore, Indonesia, and Hungary.

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