5 Great EdTech Companies Working On Educational Data

5 Great EdTech Companies Working On Educational Data

Student performance will be estimated by several quantities like marks in a subject, grade in a test, attendance in a month, language skills, sports activities, oral skills, rank among others and many more. Data Mining and Learning analytics are 

very effective way to estimate a student performance. It will let teachers know in which category the student has expertise and in which ones does he lack. An educator can find the solutions to improve their performance by analyzing the data.

Usage of student data in instructional decisions will surely improve the performance of students, but the thing is that an educator must concentrate on multiple data source. We can’t get a conclusion about a student just by seeing marks in one exam or rank in one test or performance in one week. So, there must be research on multiple data sources. Several EdTech companies are working on the effective utilization of student data. Let’s talk more about them.


Every student is an individual, with unique knowledge, abilities and learning needs. But the technology used in most K-12 schools today can make providing personalized instruction time-consuming and cumbersome for teachers. It’s difficult for each organization or each district or each state to concentrate on personalized instruction alone, inBloom is bringing together states and districts from across the country to improve and align technology systems and teaching resources. They already proved that they have the potential to change the way education works for students on a large scale.

inBloom’s mission is to inform and involve each student and teacher with data and tools designed to personalize learning.  inBloom’s data and content services integrate student records and learning resources that currently live in a variety of different places and formats, making it easier for teachers to find the information and resources they need, simplifying support for IT administrators, and making it easier for education technology providers to deliver innovative new applications. It is providing a secure data service to help school districts manage the information needed for learning, and to support local educational goals. Only school districts decide who has access to that information and for what purpose. Student data will not be combined across states; each participating state and district will have its own protected space in the inBloom service, and they will continue to manage and control access to their student data based on local policies. There is no public or third-party access to data unless it is authorized by a school district or state educational agency to support a local priority.


Steve Schoettler co-founded Zynga for 4 years. He has left Zynga to devote himself to a new project, called Junyo. With a great interest in Educational Technologies, Schoettler and his co-founders came out with a greatest improving ideas big-data tool and analytics which will handle many problems in K-12 educational systems. Chief among those was using data to help schools get a more complete picture of student performance, along with helping schools to answer an important question: What should we teach students next — and how?.

EdLights is the first step in that journey. It harnesses the data they are capturing about the US educational market and provides educational organizations a clearer picture of the K-12 market so that the institutions can offer the right resources for the right classroom use.

Civitas Learning:

School, Colleges and Universities came to a conclusion that student data can be a greatest tool in estimating student’s performance and in instructional decision. But they are failing to utilize the information they are collecting. Civitas Learning  launched in 2012 to bring big data analytics to higher education, and in last month it has raised an additional $8.75 million in venture capital.

Civitas Learning helps organizations aggregate their various data streams – including Student Information System data on student enrollment and withdrawal patterns, learning management system data on how students are accessing digital content, professors and peers, financial aid information and even swipe card data that reveals the school resources students are using. Then it analyzes the entire universe of data (both historical and current) to pull out helpful patterns and insights.


EverFi is the leading education technology company focused on teaching, assessing, badging, and certifying students in critical skills. EverFi combine cutting-edge personalized technology, deep education research and data, and a dedicated implementation team that allows each teacher to feel as though they have a blended learning assistant in their classroom. EverFi closely examines how much time teachers and students spend in every part of their learning platform. Most importantly, EverFi partners with the private sector and foundations that sponsor this innovation across the country.


Every day, Knewton sends personalized recommendations to students worldwide. Every recommendation is a learning moment that can change a life. Every digital learning product can produce millions of data points each day. Knewton technology enables course providers to put this data to good use. Personalized pathways for each student, Concept-level analytics and Flexible implementations are the key features of Knewton.

These are the Educational Technologies working to emphasize the learning outcomes by effective utilization of student data. Do you know more such EdTech companies? Please share with us in the comment box.

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