NetDragon’s Chivox Launches New English Learning Product for Primary School Education

NetDragon’s Chivox Launches New English Learning Product

NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited’s subsidiary Chivox Co., Ltd. has launched a new AI-enabled English learning product called Chivox Intelligent English Learning for primary school education, the company has announced recently.

According to a statement, the product adopts OMO (Online-Merge-Offline) model, which, together with the Chivox Intelligent English Learning Journal, provides teachers and students with both online and offline environment for teaching and learning, and the company’s self-developed intelligent oral assessment technologies, where renowned teachers are invited to set assessment questions for the product, which focuses on nurturing listening and speaking skills.

Chivox Intelligent English Learning provides fun and easy-to-understand contents and functions, and creates a collaborative learning atmosphere to motivate students. The combination with the Chivox Intelligent English Learning App enables students to study both online and offline, transforming the traditional newspaper into one which accommodates reading, listening, speaking and assessment.

Explaining the newly-launched learning product, a statement provided by the company says,

“Chivox Intelligent English Learning, which combines journal with AI-supported learning App, makes English learning in primary schools entertaining and helps teachers and students to improve teaching and learning efficiency, in the areas of reading, listening, speaking, examinations and assessments. As a pioneer in the intelligent speech assessment field, Chivox makes use of its big data, leading intelligent speech technologies and unique “assessment, diagnosis and feedback” system to improve efficiency of English oral training and empower online language learning.”

Chivox Journal, which has 52 issues per school year in full color print design, is a one-stop AI-featured journal for primary students to read, listen to and speak English. Its contents are strictly selected by top-notch English tutors in China, in accordance with the “English Curriculum Standards for Compulsory Education” issued by the Ministry of Education. The Chivox App’s self-developed intelligent speech technologies are fully integrated with Chivox Journal’s assignments and activities, providing teachers, students, parents and educational researchers all-rounded online and offline education services.

As per a statement, Chivox Journal has both paper and electronic versions, and comprises four sections – Highlights, Knowledge & Practice, Test & Exam and Reading & Fun. It said that it aims to create an immersive English learning environment through offering enormous reading materials and videos. To use it, students can scan the QR code on the journal to test their listening and speaking skills, and the results will be generated and corresponding explanatory videos will be shown immediately after the submission of answers, the statement added.

NetDragon is a leading innovator and a creative force in China’s online gaming and mobile internet industries. Established in 1999, the company has a proven track record of incubating online gaming and mobile internet projects over the years, including the No.1 Chinese online game portal,, and China’s biggest and most influential smartphone service platform, 91 Wireless.

Chivox, a subsidiary of NetDragon, is a renowned speech technologies provider as well as an expert in intelligent speech technologies. The company was established in 2007 in UK. 

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