Knowmia: A Great Site and App for Flipping Lessons

Knowmia: A Great Site and App for Flipping Lessons

Flipped Classroom is a reversed teaching model that delivers the lecture at home through interactive and teacher-created videos and it shifts “Homework” to “Classroom”. It’s one of the effective solutions for problems like “skipping a concept”, 

“shortage of time”, “in sufficient guidance” & “working alone”.

So many organizations recognized the importance and effectiveness of flipping a classroom. Flipping a classroom increases student involvement, provides interactive sessions, gives teacher freedom, and encourages group activities. Some organizations let their teachers to create their own tutorials, some allow students to access websites directly, some use YouTube and others use Google sites, wikis. Planning of these flipping lessons can be difficult and time consuming. There must be a best resource to navigate effective flipping lessons. In our previous article we have already explained “How Does Flipping Improve a Classroom?” Now we’re providing you a great resource to create and manage your lessons. Keep reading.

Knowmia is a destination for learning that features short video lessons from great teachers everywhere.  It will help students, educators and administrators to find what you need to succeed in school in a personal, affordable, and time-efficient way.  By bringing together a wide range of video lessons and making it easy to find what students and educators need, we help teachers with challenging topics, prepare learners for an upcoming test or new course, and find the right resource for your style of learning.

For Students:

Knowmia is a free service that allows students to get free video tutorials for topics they want to learn. Once you signed up for Knomia, you’ll be allowed to access the site; all you need to do is type the relevant keywords and pick up the perfect tutorial in search results.

Knowmia is having 13,000 short videos explaining just about anything. If you are interested in learning more about a subject or you want to understand a concept better, visit Knowmia. These videos were created by great teachers. Knowmia uses "tags" so your search will go throughout the database, not limiting you to a subject or grade level. You can favorite an interesting video, save any video for further reference; you can even create and upload a lesson. You can also import videos from websites like YouTube.

For Teachers:

Knowmia provides many resources for teachers to create and share contents.  And flipping a classroom will be much more efficient if teachers get to know the tools provided by Knowmia.

Knowmia Teach iPad App:

Knowmia Teach iPad App is Knowmia’s greatest gift for teachers; this app is a free lesson planning and recording tool. It helps you create video lessons on any subject and publish them on its website. Knowmia Teach makes it easy to import your own visual aids, organize them in steps and record your voice and face to bring them to life. You can record illustrations as you draw them and create sophisticated animation sequences with the simple stroke of a finger. 

Teachers can build their own lesson tool in the form of slides; easy to manage and organize each white board. You can add your voice and video to the lesson. While narrating the steps it captures your face.

You can import images, graphics, video clips and other media from the library or from your device or from any other web source. Wide range of background options, shape tool for making common shapes and pen tool for drawing. You can type text with numerous fonts and of any size. One touch is enough for publishing your lesson. It makes easy for others to find your lesson by including tags that you choose yourself.

This app is compatible with iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Knowmia’s Assignment Wizard:

Knowmia’s Assignment Wizard provides the simple way to build interactive assignments and track students’ performance. This tool is designed to be flexible while giving the teacher instant visibility into what his/her students are doing. Teachers can track each assignment separately and view exactly when each student started looking at the assignment, how much time they spent viewing each lesson, how they answered each question and what feedback students might have.

Knowmia Trains you for free:

Learn how Knowmia can help you use video in a way that works for you. It will train teachers on how to use its free tools to create/find engaging video lessons and share them with your students.

All you need is to gather five or more interested teachers. If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, they'll schedule a time to visit your school and do a hands-on training. If you are located outside of the Bay Area, they'll schedule an online session with you and your colleagues.

Knowmia always welcome your input on how we can help you and make our tools work even better to suit your needs.

Email your details to “” to schedule your free training and to ask questions.

Video Lesson Library:

Knowmia's library includes over 13,000 video lessons on school subjects from teachers everywhere. Each lesson contains relevant tags so it's easy to find. They believe that individual students learn differently, so we welcome a wide array of teaching styles.

Teachers can use Knowmia’s library to share lessons with their own students and also gain a wider audience for their great work. Share your lessons today.

Video Revolution Project:

Video Revolution Project a series of inspiring interviews with teachers on how they are using video with their students.

So, with the help of Knowmia, Flipping a classroom isn’t a difficult task. Knowmia will help students to learn contents, teachers to create flipped lessons and parents to choose the effective lessons for their students.

What are your views about the tool?

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