Budding Teenage Entrepreneurs: Students Make Their Schools Proud At IIT Roorkee E-Summit

The inaugural edition of the IIT Roorkee E-Summit was hosted on Friday 8 January 2021.

It was thrilling to see the range of business ideas and innovations presented by young students.

The students underwent Clever Harvey’s 10-day JuniorCEO program to prepare for the competition. During the competition, they were asked difficult questions by eminent jury members, including Mr. Chetan D’souza, Founder of KidzByte and Mr. Manish Singhal, TIDES Business Incubator IIT-Roorkee.

“If you just go ahead and build these products (that you presented), there’s no one that can stop you from taking it to the next level. An excellent job by the Clever Harvey team, I just didn’t know that such a platform existed. It’s a great platform, I would recommend everyone to have their kids go through this course.”

- Manish Singhal.

16 teams out of 95 participating teams were chosen for the finals. 

The winning team and their idea


saathi callido iit roorkee entrepreneurship summit winner

Find all other business ideas here.


The top 4 winning teams came from NPS-Indiranagar, CHIREC-Hyderabad, The Shri Ram School-Delhi, Gaudium School-Hyderabad, The British School-New Delhi and DPS E-City, Bangalore.

A recent study by Callido Learning had found that 85% of teenagers are interested in learning entrepreneurship. Let’s hear what principals have to say about learning entrepreneurship at a young age. 

“Entrepreneurship helps to develop certain essential life skills in an individual like leadership, creativity, responsibility and risk-taking ability. Therefore, those starting early are actually taking their learning out of the classroom and putting it to practical use.” 

– Sanchita Raha, Principal, CHIREC International School

“We must encourage young entrepreneurs as they bring in a new perspective with their ability to spot opportunities in adversities.  They have an innate quality to see possibilities and solutions where the average person only sees annoyances and problems".

– Shefali Tyagi, Principal, National Public School HSR

“Pulkit Nigam has evolved into a confident, responsible and innovative student who is using his education to solve everyday problems. We are very proud of him. It is very encouraging that students are getting platforms like this to build entrepreneurship skills early in their careers, also building their 21st-century skills." 

- Anupama Ramachandra, Principal, DPS Electronic City.

“My philosophy as a leader is to create the environment by giving students the freedom to express themselves and explore their creativity or creative ideas and support them with resources, encourage them to think on how they can make a difference and what is the uniqueness they bring to the table.”

- Manisha Malhotra, Principal The Shri Ram School Moulsari

To know more about Clever Harvey’s 10-day JuniorCEO program visit www.cleverharvey.com

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