Math Tools for Kindergarten Students

Math Tools for Kindergarten Students

When we were kids, we used to spend our time with our coloring books, pencils, crayons and playing with other kids. Kids now days spend time with mobile phones, computers, gadgets, video games, learning with their smartphones and their apps. Kids are 

exposed and attracted to technology, they like digital learning rather than books in hand.

You will find children pay more attention on animations, gaming and audio based learning than traditional bookish learning. Especially when they grow older, they find more to do online. There are some ways to combine this technology with their learning; in fact, it’s useful for kids if we teach how to engage learning with technology. Technology makes learning easy; for example, in our school days we have seen people struggling to do mathematics. But nowadays, we see kids learning mathematics easily with the help of technology. There are many tech tools helping kids for this task. Here we are focusing on tools that will help your kids in learning math.

First In Math:

The First In Math Online Program (FIM) offers comprehensive content—ranging from single-step addition to complex algebra—in an engaging format. It’s a game based learning activity with differentiated instruction. K to 8 content is organized into six basic modules: Skill Sets; Just the Facts; Know & Show; Workout Gyms; Bonus Games and Measurement World. Activities are presented in an online "Game" format that engages students. It is completely focusing on improving the mathematical skills; each activity is also designed to strengthen problem-solving, reasoning and communication skills. Modules parallel each other; completing Game 1 of any Skill Set unlocks a multitude of Bonus games geared to that skill level.As students play, they earn virtual award "stickers" that accrue to their personal and classroom score; this competitive feature provides motivation to students.

Learn Maths Beluga:

Learn Maths Beluga is a Maths revision app that reinforces drilling of arithmetic calculations. Learning maths in the Beluga world isn't like studying from a book. Beluga Learning has created a game based environment for you to discover and explore at your own pace. You’ll find lots of exciting and fun tools to help you through the challenges and get to the right solution while building really deep understanding of the mathematics. Beluga Learning is designed to be used by all age groups. If you want to improve your mathematics in a safe learning environment, the Learn Maths with Beluga is just for you! This app is free and focuses on adaptive learning, game based learning and also provides you personalized learning environment. It’s Compatible with iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later.


MathFox is a simple website with more than 44,000 math items--mostly static items like Math Videos, Math Worksheets, puzzles, quizzes and classroom games, many printable and drawn from the math workbooks EduTerials has published over the years. Videos, Activities and Topics are being well sorted to give you exactly what you need. It’s a greatest website for students of all age groups, teachers and parents too.

ST Math:

ST Math is a Visual math program. ST Math isn't just unique because its research-based, visual approach to teaching and learning math. It sets the industry standard for an effective, interactive and 1:1 blended learning solution. ST Math enables teachers to reach all students at their level, and provides students with the opportunity to be successful learners. It will provide instructive feedback for their inputs; this feature helps them to upgrade their math skills.Teachers and students can access the web-based ST Math software anywhere, anytime, and on supported mobile devices. From desktop computer to tablet, classroom to home, ST Math is accessible from anywhere.

DreamBox Learning Math:

DreamBox is a highly adaptive learning math program for students in Pre-K through grade 5. Get involved with your child’s math learning at home with the information and activities you need to keep your child engaged all year long. DreamBox Learning white papers explore issues of interest to teachers, administrators, and school and district leaders. You can get them for free.

These are the tech tools that help your students and kids in learning mathematics easily. Engage kids with these tools and see the improvement. If you know more such tools, please share with us in the comment box.

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