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Reading Competition for schools

The National Online Reading Competition is a nationwide, FREE to participate in competition for schools. It aims to encourage students to read and develop a love for reading with the help of myON.

The competition will allow schools and students to explore and enjoy a wide range of literacy content, practice reading, compete with peers and develop a habit of reading. The competition will also help students to find their hidden English potential and build their communication skills. Renaissance is a market leader in the US and UK and has been able to create positive impact in more than 90 countries globally.

The National Reading Competition is built around the concept of personalized and blended learning models and will demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of both of teaching and learning thereby providing the best of both the worlds. The competition resonates with NEP 2020’s vision of building 21st Century skills with modern tools that are available 24 x 7 with the help of internet.  

Renaissance Reading Competition

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Application deadline: 11th February 2021

1) Competition Phases & Dates

  • Phase 1 Application: 25 Jan – 11 Feb
  • Phase 2 Participant shortlisting (Simultaneously): 25 Jan – 11 Feb
  • Phase 3 Onboarding and myON access: 13 Feb – 13 March
  • Phase 4 Reading starts: 15 March – 27 March
  • Phase 5 Announcement of winners: 2 April

Every school today is doing extra to ensure the best for their students. This competition aligns to this very vision. Built around “myON Reader” - a product by Renaissance - the competition aims to identify top students with exceptional literacy, vocabulary, and communication skills and to allow them to compete with other schools to realise their potential. The competition will recognize the top schools and students through awards and recognition.

Additionally, myON has global standards fed into the system that also lets the teachers know their students' strengths individually. This lets the schools identify their students' hidden English language potential and spot weaknesses. myON allows teachers to address and help students improve their performance and boost their confidence. The idea myON moves with is to create a dynamic, collaborative space for learners. Being a brand with more than 30 years of experience, Renaissance has been able to impact more than 52,000 schools worldwide.

The National Reading Competition 2021 by Renaissance is for all private schools across the country. Every school will need to register for the competition with their details by filling out this form, latest by 11th February 2021.

Each selected school will have to nominate a minimum of 100 students from their school (across all grades). These students will represent the school and compete against other schools during the competition.

School Principals or an assigned representative of the Principal’s office can register for the National Online Reading Competition through this registration form. The applicant schools will be shortlisted, and 30 schools will move to the final competition where they will nominate a minimum of 100 students. Shortlisted schools need to share the details of a faculty representative responsible for sharing the student/participants’ details with the competition team and act as a point of contact for all further communications on behalf of the school until the end of the competition.

Shortlisting Criteria:

  • Schools will be prioritised on first come first basis along with meticulously filled forms
  • Every school will have to share a short write up on what makes them aligned to the concept of the competition. The schools with the best responses will be given bonus points

The participant schools will be judged based on the following criteria: Each school will be judged basis the maximum number of minutes they read books on myON in 2 weeks and also the number of books they read in total (Please note: myON’s reporting gives definite results and these two criteria will fetch us the clear winners)

Book reading competition

For further queries please contact: Soumili Sen
EmailSoumili.Sen[at] | Phone: +91 97118678-Six-Six

Application deadline: 11th February 2021

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About Renaissance Learning

Renaissance is a US company and is a global leader in assessment, reading, and math solutions for pre-K–12 schools and districts. It is committed to providing educators with insights and resources to accelerate growth and help all students build a strong foundation for success. Renaissance solutions are used in over one-third of US schools and in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Renaissance portfolio includes Star Assessments, for reliable, accurate insights into K–12 student learning; myIGDIs, for accurate assessment of early learning; myON, to increase students’ access to high-quality reading materials; Accelerated Reader, to support independent reading practice; Freckle, for teacher-led differentiated instruction; and Schoolzilla, to give educators actionable insights into trends in student attendance and achievement.

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