WizKlub Raises ₹6 Cr in Pre-Series A Round Led by Incubate Fund India

WizKlub Raises ₹6 Cr

WizKlub, a Bengaluru-based EdTech startup that builds future skills for children, has raised ₹6 crore in its Pre-Series A funding round led by existing investor Incubate Fund India.

The latest round comes after the company had in January last year raised ₹7 crore in seed funding led by Incubate Fund India, with participation from social-impact investor Insitor Impact Asia Fund. It brings the company’s total funds raised to date to ₹15 crore.

Founded in 2018 by Amit Bansal, WizKlub promotes cognitive skills in children aged 5-15 years through an AI-powered platform. Its HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) and SmartTech program develops higher-order thinking skills to ensure every child is a smart reader, thinker, and a problem solver.

The WizKlub SmartTech Program – that caters to children as young as six-years-old – builds lifelong skills and confidence to create tech products by application of coding, robotics, smart devices, and AI. Its programmable smart device called ‘WizGear’ helps a child get a new product module to code and build every month. WizKlub offers its program on a subscription model.

Speaking about the company, Amit Bansal, Founder and CEO of WizKlub, said,

“The current classroom practices are designed around ‘knowledge dissemination’ and not around building skills necessary for success in the coming decade. The most important future-ready skills are higher order thinking skills such as logical, creative and analytical thinking as well as the ability of an individual to use technology to solve real-world problems. WizKlub programs are designed to build these future-ready skills and bring out the best in every child.”

The company plans to utilize the fresh funds to accelerate growth and run rate, according to a statement.

Emphasizing on the need to develop skills beyond school curriculum and appreciating the company, Nao Murakami of Incubate Fund India, said in a statement,

“The need for developing skills beyond the basic school curriculum and interest in parents to partake in such programs has increased manifold during the recent years. We believe in WizKlub’s vision to provide excellent quality and easy access to cognitive and technology learning programs for students and that they have the potential to scale rapidly.”

WizKlub claims to have so far delivered more than 100,000 hours of personalized learning to students across the world.

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