PitchVantage is seeking resellers to introduce its leading communication training app to Indian Universities.

PitchVantage is one of the most successful US EdTech companies in the communications space and works with over 400 top universities. The likes of Cornell and Yale have relied on PitchVantage to help develop great student presenters.

PitchVantage offers an app that lets students practice in front of a variety of simulated audiences that react to the speaker and provides instant feedback and coaching on 30 areas of communication, including delivery, content, body language and slide design. For example, a student can be presenting in front of a virtual classroom on their laptop or phone while virtual characters act interested or disinterested based on how engaging the student is. After the presentation the student receives detailed feedback on skills like pace, pausing, facial expressions, clarity, coherence, slide design as well as personalized coaching and examples to help improve specific development needs.

PitchVantage is extremely effective with students who speak English as a second language since they tend to struggle with nervousness, pace and pauses, all areas of focus for the app. By giving students a safe and convenient place to practice presentations PitchVantage lowers public speaking anxiety and helps ESL students present with poise.

In addition to the student-facing side of the application, PitchVantage includes a variety of useful tools for teachers. Instructors can track student participation and outcomes through online dashboards, provide feedback and grading on videos and conduct peer review. All student videos and data are stored in one place. This allows students to save time on uploading videos while giving instructors a convenient way to review, provide feedback and grade student presentations.

Instructors can require students to practice with PitchVantage a certain number of times before each presentation and submit their best video for grading and peer review. This capability has become especially valuable in the current educational climate with many institutions transitioning to online or hybrid learning model due to COVID 19. Any class that includes presentations can be easily transitioned to hybrid or online using PitchVantage.

PitchVantage works on laptops, phones and tablets, giving students a variety of options to access the app. The app is hosed in the cloud making any place with an internet connection your personal presentation training lab.

With annual revenues of $25 million in 2020, PitchVantage has established itself as a leading provider for presentation training technology in the US. PitchVantage uses proprietary patented technology to deliver exceptional learning outcomes to over 300,000 students across America. Academic studies have demonstrated that a student that utilizes PitchVantage just 5 times typically improves presentation delivery by 35%.

The company is now looking for partners and resellers to enter the India market and expand its global footprint. An ideal candidate will have existing relationships with the top Indian Universities. PitchVantage is in the ideal position to capitalize on the increasing importance of communication skills and English proficiency of India graduates in the workplace.

Apply to partner with PitchVantage here.

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