Student Engagement Platform AdmitHub Raises $16M in Series B Funding

AdmitHub Raises $16M

AdmitHub, a Boston-based conversational student engagement platform, has raised $16 million in Series B funding led by Rethink Education, the company has announced recently.

The round was joined by ECMC Group’s Education Impact Fund and Kresge Foundation’s impact investment fund. According to a press statement, the funding includes investments from Salesforce Ventures and the Google Assistant Investments program which were originally announced in January 2020.

Founded in 2014, AdmitHub drives student success with the help of conversational AI in an easy-to-use platform. Its conversational student engagement platform boosts enrollment, persistence, and completion of courses at hundreds of colleges and universities across the US. The platform provides on-demand student assistance via SMS, web chat, and social media, answers questions in real time, and connects students to the appropriate advisors and resources. It blends AI chatbot technology with industry expertise and research-backed conversational strategy to guide students on a personalized path to and through college.

Commenting on the latest development, Drew Magliozzi, Co-founder and CEO of AdmitHub, said,

“The past year has reinforced the reality that new challenges will always be around the corner for colleges and universities. Partnering in close collaboration with schools around the country, we’re building an empathy engine for higher education that will enable institutions and their students to navigate even the biggest and most unexpected obstacles.”

According to a statement from the company, the new financing will support its work to tap emerging technologies that address the most critical challenges faced by students and institutions.

Matt Greenfield, Managing Partner at Rethink Education, commented,

“AdmitHub’s technology and approach exemplify the thoughtful application of AI to solve the most pressing challenges in education. Even amidst the turmoil of the past year, artificial intelligence has played a transformative role in institutions’ efforts to communicate quickly and effectively, in ways that improve access and retention at scale.”

AdmitHub has increased college access, persistence, and success for more than 3 million students nationwide since its founding in 2014. The company achieved this through public-private partnerships with colleges and universities, state higher education system like the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board, and non-profit organizations like the Common App and College Advising Corps.

The new funding follows an undisclosed amount of funding in January 2020. Earlier, it raised its Series A round in 2018 led by education impact investor University Ventures, with participation from other investors including Reach Capital, Relay Ventures, and Rethink.

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