You Won't Miss Qwiki If You Love Multimedia and Digital Storytelling

You Won't Miss Qwiki If You Love Multimedia and Digital Storytelling

Educational institutions across the world are trying to upgrade their classrooms with latest educational technologies . They’ve recognized the power of technology in education. Even the parents are also trying to let their children’s learning in an

 effective manner with several technological approaches.

Every student will be exposed and attracted to learning with online content, animations, games and songs rather than books, notes and assignments in hands. That’s why organizations and developers are focusing more on digital learning. Let me explain you about an app which is very effective for multimedia and digital storytelling content.

Qwiki is a powerful tool that converts information into a beautiful experience. It’s a great multimedia encyclopedia. Qwiki automatically turns pictures and videos from events you’ve captured on your iPhone into brief, beautiful movies to share. We pick the best moments and pacing—then add transitions and a soundtrack. In this article, we’re trying tell you how Qwiki can be helpful in education.

Anything that contains plenty of description will not be interesting to students with less enthusiasm, for such students, Qwiki is a gift, because it will convert any information into an interactive content. It will give them a different and interesting experience so that they will focus on the content happily; this is the best thing about Qwiki’s smart technology. This is a really cool service that allows students to present their projects and teachers to create interesting lesson contents and resources for their students.

Qwiki’s app:

Qwiki is a search engine that pulls information across the web and makes it packed in a detailed manner with softly spoken voice by combining the pictures and videos in the visual comprehension. Now days’, watching has become a new way of learning and reading. Those short and brief videos are called Qwikis. Anyone can create their own qwikis with the help of Qwiki’s iPad app.

Price: Free

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad.

This app requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Qwiki knows millions of things:

As you know Wikipedia is having millions of articles and plenty of information in it; Qwiki has indexed more than 20% of the information on wiki. On Qwiki’s search bar, you can type the content you want; it has millions of search terms and respective information will be given to you in the form of videos.

Qwiki in Education:

In a classroom, if a lecture is going on the topic “Storm”, a qwiki on the topic will give more information for students. It will show the formation of storm, pictures of storm and video related to it. Students will pay more interest to watch and learn the information through qwikis.

Features of Qwiki’s app:

One Tap Storytelling:

You can create a short lecture on any topic using qwiki. It can automatically turn pictures, videos and other information into an effective video with one tap; you can add transitions, animations and your voice too. This will give a beautiful learning experience for your students.

Effective lecture preparation:

You can re-arrange, add and remove any info you want. You can add pre-selected sound track & customize captions. This app will help you to make a beautiful presentation of your lesson video.


Share your Qwikis via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS, and embed on your blog or web page. Then, join other Qwiki users within the app to engage with a community that is sharing and discovering life’s best experiences. This will help you in making a classroom with no boundaries.

Qwiki makes information more accessible for students by narrating an interactive content with info of pictures and videos. Multimedia and digital storytelling has become effective with Qwiki app. Try it to Love it.

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