Immersive Learning Platform ACKTEC Raises $1M in Seed Funding

ACKTEC Raises $1M

Singapore-based immersive learning startup ACKTEC Technologies announced it has raised $1 million in seed funding round.

The startup secured the fresh funding from Octava, SEEDS Capital, EduSpaze, Govin Capital, along with a group of angel investors.

Founded in 2018 by Rayvan Ho, ACKTEC specializes in providing digital learning ecosystems, helping organizations and institutions transform their learning and development content into immersive learning modules. It uses technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and interactive 3D, while maintaining a mobile-friendly format.

ACKTEC aims to provide an environment for all learners to nurture the spirit of learning and excellence by automating knowledge through technology. Its mission is to develop in all their students the passion to learn, the confidence to become self-directed and to micro-learn whenever they forget the concept. According to its website, ACKTEC currently has more than 750,000 active users with over 50 clients.

Speaking about the company and how the latest funding will help them, Rayvan Ho, Founder and CEO of ACKTEC Technologies, said,

“COVID-19 is changing the way people work and learn. There is a movement worldwide to more blended and digital modes of delivery – but it may be difficult to undertake this process without an understanding of how course content should be restructured, and what technologies and modes of learning are best suited to meet the organizations’ and the consumers’ needs. With this funding, we will be able to better support organizations who are looking to digitize their learning processes, and help them transform and participate in the growing global digital learning ecosystem.”

The company said it will utilize the fresh capital to scale it immersive learning content marketplace KQwest across Asia.

Commenting on the funding, Tan Ying Yong, Director at Octava, said,

“The ACKTEC Learn platform already serves over 705,000 active learners across 16 countries, through industries as varied as transportation, education and finance, and we believe in their ability to scale and reach a global audience.”

ACKTEC Learn is ACKTEC’s flagship AI Smart Learning platform. Using cutting-edge innovative technology, the platform delivers personalized, adaptive learning experience with AI virtual assistance and 360 AI predictive analytics. ACKTEC Learn can interface with any institutions’ and corporations’ Learning Management System.

ACKTEC aims to make immersive learning accessible and affordable for all by cutting out the need for costly equipment and catering to the growing population of mobile device users.

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