Best Tools Connecting Teachers, Students and Parents

Best Tools Connecting Teachers, Students and Parents

The important thing a student needs in his educational life is guidance. A teacher helps students learn in the classroom and a parent assists him in getting the homework done. Success of a student will surely depend on these three factors: 

the way he/she works, the way the teacher produces lessons and the way the parents assist him/her at home.

So many researches and surveys prove that children do better in school when they receive guidance from both teachers and parents. A teacher may not have time to asses each and every student but a parent can estimate the performance of his son/daughter. Many educational institutions conduct many events and conferences to welcome parents; and the interactions between parents and teachers result in personalized instructions for students. In 21st century, many parents are failing to attend such events due to their busy professional life. But technology helps such parents to interact with teachers from home as well as their work place. In this article, we are giving you the information about the tools that connect teachers, students and parents.


Schoolfy is a free educational platform that welcomes teachers from across the world into its community. It will provide a private social network to teachers; here they can add their students, parents and other teachers. Schoolfy provides many free tools for teachers to communicate with students and their parents. Those tools include setting homework, sending documents, creating calendars and students’ assessments. Schoolfy sends system generated automatic real time notifications to students and parents. And to make things easier Schoolfy helps parents to receive every bit of information related to the education of their children comfortably. This is how Schoolfy connects students, teachers and educators. For more information, you may refer to our article, “Schoolfy - An Educational Platform for Teachers”.


Edmodo connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential. It gives a free and safe way for teachers, students and parents to connect and collaborate. When you look for sign up, you’ll see three options: I’m a student, I’m a teacher and I’m a parent. So, we can easily accept that Edmodo is a social learning platform for teachers, students, and parents.

Edmodo has its mobile app supports iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad which is compatible with version  4.0 or later of the iOS (Apple’s Mobile Device Operating System). This app also makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected and share information. In addition, educators, students and parents can use their iOS device to do various activities like sending notes, submitting assignments, posting replies, and checking messages & upcoming events. For more information about Edmodo, please refer to the following articles,

- “How Edmodo Matters to Educators and Learners?”  
Edmodo Free Report 
- Edmodo Product Review

My Big Campus:

MyBigCampus (MBC) is one of the awesome online platforms that safely bring together all the tools students, parents and educators need and makes things easy to access and share. This site makes it easy to engage students, develop lessons, track and improve academic progress, connect with a learning community, go paperless, and lots more. MBC is having several collaborative tools that connect teachers, students and parents. MBC helps to carry “students’ individual learning experience” along wherever they go — inside as well as outside the classroom, on their favorite device.

The Epic Ed Community:

The epic-ed community is designed to empower educators such as administrators, teachers, instructional technology facilitators, and chief technology officers as they make as they are the ones who make tech decisions and digital transition (Vision-Plan-Implement-Asses-Vision; this is the digital transition cycle.) in their schools and districts. Whether you are an educator or student or parent, anyone can participate in discussion, share, and increase their knowledge related to digital transition.

Learn from the content pages of the Digital Transition Cycle via the Resources menu. Register to become a community member and connect with others working on digital transition. Read the News and Updates or get the current information related to digital transition. Get advice and ideas from Featured Contributors, including articles from Digital Learning Day, national leaders and other community members. Participate in live or asynchronous events.


Success of a student is the combination of student’s own effort, parent’s assistance and teacher’s guidance. Hope these tools help you in enhancing your kid’s or student’s learning. 

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