Early Education Platform EdCraft Raises $1M in Pre-Seed Funding Round

EdCraft Raises $1M

EdCraft, an early education platform launched by former McKinsey executives, has raised $1 million from a group of Silicon Valley-based angel investors.

EdCraft provides story-driven game-based learning courses for 6-13-year-old kids with the aim to equip them with essential 21st-century skills to help them succeed in life. It provides engaging content on STEM subjects, as well as building knowledge and skills essential for future success, including critical thinking, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, and sex education.

According to its website, EdCraft is for kids who want to succeed in life, reach new heights, create new things, and control emotions. The platform uses a holistic whole-child approach to combine academic teaching with the development of cognitive skills and a healthy focus on socio-emotional skills.

Commenting on the development, Galina Kan, Co-founder of EdCraft, said in a statement,

“Thanks to animated storytelling, children see our learning courses as games or cartoons. As a parent myself, I believe that a good school curriculum is essential, but often not sufficient for a child’s development. We collected feedback from thousands of users to create a product that will help children excel in life, both personally and professionally.”

"There's no going back when it comes to using technology in education. But remote learning should also help students with their emotional well-being and social integration, as well as teaching essential life skills, and that's exactly what EdCraft is doing."

EdCraft’s courses are developed by subject experts in kid’s education from the top US and international universities, and its contents are created by doting parents, committed educators, and lovers of learning.

Students move through EdCraft levels at their own pace, guided by 12 unique mascots, including EduCat, Mousentist, Knowala, and others, developed by a Hollywood graphic designer. They engage in interactive learning quests, earn badges, and meet helpful characters along their learning journey. Parents can track their child’s progress, daily studies, relative results, and activity, as well as receive weekly reports by email.

EdCraft claims that more than 1.2 lakh students worldwide are already learning on its platform. It plans to use the latest funds to accelerate its expansion in the US.

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