Smart Seat - The First iPad/iPhone Seating Chart App for Teachers

Smart Seat - The First iPad/iPhone Seating Chart App for Teachers

With Smart Seat, a teacher can manage his classes in the palm of his hand using an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Using Smart Seat you can create seating charts, engage students during class discussions and conveniently take attendance on your mobile device. 

All of the content can be exported to a desktop computer or sent to colleagues in an email.


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Creating a new class:

When you create a new class, there are three options for adding student names. You can attach an email, or you can type or copy/paste the names of students.

Copy & Paste option: It’s an easy option to load the names into Smart Seat. If you have your students’ names in an online document, copy them using your mobile ‘copy’ option, create a new class in Smart Seat, simply choose the option “type or paste names” and tap the ‘paste’ button. This is how you can easily import all the students’ names. Tap the ‘done’ button and give your class a name.

Email attachment: Use your computer to create a text file with the list of student names, email the file to yourself as an attachment and then from your mobile device, tap on the email attachment and select “Open in Smart Seat”.

Customizing the desk layout of the classroom:

After you create a class, you will need to customize the desk layout of the classroom, tap “more” and then “change the layout”. Drag your finger horizontally over the layout to create or change the number of columns or rows, tap individual desks to remove them and tap again to put the desk back in place. Move students by dragging and dropping or hit “scramble” to reventure class enpopulate on the active desk.

Adding and Removing Students:

 In the “Roster”, you can add new students and delete students by swiping your finger across the name.

Set Photos to the seating chart:

Tap the student name from the seating chart or from the “Roster” to get the student info screen, tap “Album”, then select a photo. Reposition it if required.

Identifying the Students:

With Smart Seat, you can easily remember your students. By using the seating chart, you can test your knowledge of student names with the flash cart mode. Tap the status bar at the top of the screen, there are two options, one is “Showing Names only” and another is “Showing Photos only”. By using these options, you can easily remember your students.

Other Features of Seating chart:

We’ve provided information about the basic features of Smart Seat above. Let’s learn about a few more features which are a part of the ‘Seating Chart’ itself.

Random Student Selector:

Random Student Selector, is a great feature to engage your students during class discussions.Tap “Random” to pick up any one of the students, hit “next” to choose another student. This app can list out already selected students so no one is left out.


Tap “Attendance” button to take the attendance of your class. The easiest way to take the attendance is tapping the “All Present” button to mark all students as present, tap “Absent” button and select the students who are absent. You can also use “Tardy” to mark the students coming late with an excuse. Tap “Done” to complete the action.

Attendance Summary:

You can view an exported summary of attendance of the whole class. Tap “more” and then tap “Attendnace Summary”, you can easily transcribe your attendance report to your school attendance system. The export feature sends an email with a .csv file attachement which can be opened in a spread sheet program like Excel.

Making notes about Students:

Tap on the student profile in the Seating Chart, you can see both the full name and nickname of students. Tap the “Details” button to view and edit the past attendance record for each student.  Make notes about students to keep track about a student’s participation, performance or behavior in class.

Exporting and Transferring the Student’s information:

You can easily export student’s information to parents, colleagues or administrators through an email. Tap the “Export” button which will generate an email showing all notes you have about that student as well as the student’s attendance history.

Grouping of Students:

The grouping feature allows you to quickly engage students in classroom activities like projects, quizzes, group discussions and debates. From the Seating Chart, tap “More” and then tap “Create groups”. Specify the number of groups you want, and students will be automatically and randomly assigned to groups. In the Seating Chart, desks will become color coded to represent different groups. Finally you can export a .Pdf version of your Seating Chart for administrators or substitute teachers.

This is how Smart Seat helps teachers to save their precious time and effort. It helps to easily communicate with colleagues, administrators and parents. It also helps you in many more classroom activities. Smart Seat is now available on the app store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Price: $ 5.99.



Feel free to share your experience with Smart Seat. The comment box is awaiting.

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