Integrated Ed+HR Tech Platform Geekster Raises $200k in Pre-Seed Round

Geekster Raises $200k

Geekster, an integrated EdTech and human resources platform for tech professionals, has raised $200,000 in its pre-seed funding round led by startup investment platform We Founder Circle.

The round also saw participation from India’s first full-spectrum startup investment platform ah! Ventures.

Founded in 2020, Geekster is an online career accelerator to help engineers skill up for the best tech jobs and realize their true potential. It provides an integrated platform where students get trained on in-demand skills by industry experts, while also enabling employers to access top-quality vetted talent through data-driven matching algorithms.

Geekster aims to democratize tech education with no physical, geographical or financial barriers. Its students can learn online from anywhere and pay only after getting a well-paying job.

Talking about the platform, Ankit Maggu, Co-founder, Geekster, said,

“Getting quality talent is a challenge for the employers; on the other hand, candidates struggle to find opportunities due to a lack of the right skills. We want to fix this ecosystem and enable our employer partners to spend less time interviewing and more time building teams by getting access to pre-vetted engineers who can deliver from day 1. We have witnessed a good response as our model is more relevant now than ever and are glad to be associated with marquee investors who are aligned with our vision for Geekster.”

The startup plans to utilize the fresh capital in launching skill development programs, accelerating product development, and offering its product to a wider client base.

Neeraj Tyagi, Co-founder of We Founders Circle, commented,

“The attrition rates at Indian IT companies are rising, and this rate has triggered a war to acquire the best tech talent. Also, early attrition is a new trend that is making it more difficult for IT companies to retain talent. This highlights the role for out-of-the-box concepts like Geekster that provide a professional address, upskilling, and scrutinization, which cannot be handled in-house at the tech companies.”

Geekster is following a unique community-centric approach and aims to build the largest community of global tech professionals on its platform where one can learn and connect with top professionals and get opportunities to grow.

The Gurugram-based startup claims to have already received more than 20,000 student interests for its job-oriented programs, having over 500 professionals active on its platform, and currently helping over 25 well-known startups and some large and mid-size IT enterprises in building their tech teams.

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