Kavea R. Chavali Opens Unconventional Career Paths With Clymbe’s ‘Hey Careers’

Kavea R. Chavali

Mumbai, 1st June 2021: Country's first liberal edtech platform 'Clymbe' recently launched a book 'Hey Careers' which encapsulates candid interviews of 100 professionals who answer questions that matter in career discovery.

The book is a career finder, it aims to help young pupils recognise their niche and break the clutter. Hey Careers takes a sneak peek into the lives of 100 individuals who are finding happiness in futuristic careers while making a substantial living.

The book was launched by Shashi Tharoor and encompasses emerging careers and unconventional professions that can truly set the tone for youngsters. Renowned Anchor/Presenter Kavea R Chavali from India is featured on No 29 of this list under Creative Tech.

Speaking about featuring in the book and making it to the Top 100, Kavea R Chavali said, “This is such an important book in all aspects and should reach all the students in schools, colleges and universities. We have, for a very long time, been stuck with stereotypical career choices and it's time for the young ones to see a world beyond. I feel so proud to be featured in this book alongside so many other powerful professionals from undiscovered career avenues, and now, more than ever, we need to hear them. I am so thrilled that Hey Careers will serve as a launchpad for a new generation of path-breakers and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to forge unconventional career paths."

She further added, “When we started out there was no guidance or avenues to seek help. It was all a trial-and-error effort for us.  I feel a book like this gives a comprehensive picture of the current professional world out there, outside of classrooms and textbooks. It is very important for students to align themselves with that world. A sixteen-year-old Kavea would have loved something like this, it would have given me so much more perspective.”.

The book has a total of 107 pages with 100 chapters featuring professionals across various spectrums across industries. The book is priced at 999/- INR and can be purchased here-


Hey Careers aims to help elevate, mentor, champion and provide students exposure to the real professional world at an early stage.

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