Arabic Language Learning Platform Adam Wa Mishmish Raises $475K in Seed Funding

Adam Wa Mishmish Raises $475K

Adam Wa Mishmish, a Jordan-based Arabic language learning startup, has recently raised $475,000 in a seed funding round led by Hadi Badi, a Saudi initiative aimed at improving children’s creative skills.

The round also saw participation from a group of angel investors in Jordan. The new funding includes a $50,000 fund the startup has received from the Jordanian Shoman Foundation for winning an innovation award.

Founded in 2016 by husband-wife duo Luma Al Adnani and Ibrahim Taha, Adam Wa Mishmish is an educational cartoon created for children, aged 0 to 5 years old, to learn and love the Arabic language. While the platform focuses mainly on the children, the field of enjoyment is open to all age groups.

Adam Wa Mishmish was born out of Luma’s frustration with the poor quality of Arabic language content available for her son to learn the language. It aims to make learning Arabic fun and accessible using music as the main medium. Episodes range from one to three minutes in length, and each episode presents a different topic such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, musical instruments, animals, and many others.

The company plans to utilize the new funds to develop and release its curriculum through its application and hire more teachers for the platform.

Luma Al Adnani, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Adam Wa Mishmish, said,

“We’re so excited and proud to have this support. Adam Wa Mishmish has become an international brand, and with this fund, we’ll be able to release our curriculum through our application and onboard hundreds of teachers all over the world.”

Luma Al Adnani and Ibrahim Taha, who are both musicians, create the content themselves for the platform. The team also consists of co-founders Lina AI Adnani and Lutfi Zayed, who serves as the COO and lead singer of the project and Art Director respectively for the platform.

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