Learning Outcomes-Focused Startup Saarthi Pedagogy Raises $943K In First Funding

Saarthi Pedagogy Raises $943K

Saarthi Pedagogy, an Ahmedabad-based EdTech startup that provides cutting-edge solutions to schools on academic strategies, pedagogy, content, and training, has recently raised ₹7 crore ($943k) in its first funding round.

The round was led by Ecosystem Ventures, with participation from other investors including LetsVenture, JITO Angel Network, and other marquee angels.

Founded by Sushil Agrawal, Saarthi Pedagogy claims itself to be India’s fastest-growing and first company to guarantee 100% rote-free learning. It serves schools as an academic growth partner providing them with 360° solutions on academic content (Textbook, worksheet, academic publications), learning management system, and PPAP rote-free pedagogy.

Saarthi aims to solve the problem of lack of focus on learning outcomes and a lack of consistency in content delivery and teacher quality. The company thus provides an innovative technology-driven platform that bridges school’s pedagogy, technology, content, and training on a single platform to achieve learning outcomes, parents’ satisfaction, admission, and lowers their operational cost. Saarthi claims to have empowered more than 1000 schools across the country.

Speaking about the company, Sushil Agrawal, Founder & CEO of Saarthi Pedagogy, said in a press statement,

“I spent 10 years building and running schools from scratch and Saarthi is a product of years of research and experimentation on solving pain-points of teachers, students, parents, and school management. With funding and strategic support from EdTech experts like Ecosystem Ventures, we expect to increase the impact of our work many-fold.”

The latest round of funding will help Saarthi Pedagogy to strengthen its product and technology, and expand its reach to more schools and students in the coming years.

Saarthi’s rote-free learning package includes 19 products and services that empower schools by providing rote-free education for all stakeholders. Some of them include Classnotes/practice worksheet, post-test worksheet, PPAP pedagogy lesson plan, question paper generator, 365-days training support, smart class content, internal marks mechanism, PTM management, parents query management, auto supervision, school rote-free certification, and admission growth assistance among others.

Sunitha Ramaswamy, President, LetsVenture, said,

“With the advent of new interactive technologies, thanks to the widespread availability of Wifi and internet access has indeed shaped up the way students perceive their studies now. As the pandemic continues, virtual teaching and learning will become a norm, which will further lead to more innovative ways of teaching and communicating with students. With Saarthi Pedagogy having a deep understanding of the EdTech space, will surely help to bridge the gap of new ways to teach.”

Saarthi Pedagogy enables schools to grow admission by promoting rote-free PPAP academic strategy, provides complete automation technology that solves day-to-day operational challenges, and helps them save their existing operational cost with AI automation. According to the company, schools using its platform have reduced the non-productive time of teachers by 60% and increased their revenues through its product.

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