EduClipper: Explore, Share and Contribute Educational Content

EduClipper: Explore, Share and Contribute Educational Content

Interactive and collaborative learning environment help teachers enhance students’ learning. Nowadays’ social networks provide a very good interactive learning environment, but there is still a need of finding an interactive online tool which relates

 to only Education. In this article, we provide you with information about one of the best platforms that is helping students and teachers to explore, share, and contribute resources and materials related to education.

EduClipper is a great curation tool. It helps teachers and students in curating, organizing and maintaining their collections relevant to education. The web layout resembles social networking sites like Pinterest, Scoopit and etc., but the best thing about EduClipper is that it is created just for education. It focuses mainly on teachers and help them in making students’ learning effective. Dear Teachers, Let’s learn about Educlipper briefly.

Sign up for EduClipper by choosing your occupation (Student or Teacher), entering username, mail id and password.  You can also sign in with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. Once you have signed up, log in with your details and you can find your name on the top. There are four main links shown on the top: Everything, MyStuff, My Contacts and By Type.

Everything” shows all the different content that has been posted to Educlipper. If you search something related to any subject, grade or a concept, you will find numerous clips here. Clips can be videos, pictures or links. You can pick a good clip out of the search results and can re-clip, like, share or comment on that. While clipping something, you can create a clipboard, add tags and description for a better understanding of the content to help anyone who refers your clips.

My Stuff: When you go to “My Stuff”, you find all your clipboards, likes and connections. This tab streams all your activities, giving you an overview of everything.

“By Type” option helps you as an advanced search option. You can choose the type (Websites, Documents, Videos and Images) of search results. You can also click on “Popular” to search the most popular resources.

You can “follow” people if you find interesting clipboards by them. “My Contacts” shows the people who you’re following and the people who follow you.

If you move the cursor to a circle on the upper right corner, you will notice that there are a few more options you need to know. Let’s learn about them quickly.

Profile: Here, you can edit your profile, put your picture and also add some stuff about you.

Create Classes: Hit the book icon, you’ll be directed to “My Classes”. You can create a class by clicking “Add Class”; give a name and a description of your class, select a subject and click “next”.

Add Students: Inviting students will be carried out by two options. You can upload a Rooster or you can choose “Access codes”. “Access Codes” option allows you to create a group course code. With this code only, your students can log on and get your links that you’ve created just for them.

EduClipper provides teachers with numerous features to monitor the student activities in the class. You can give access to your students to create their avatars, interact with other students and share their works with the class in a safe and secured learning environment. You can approve your students’ work for sharing with others after reviewing them.  

Permissions: “Permissions” has many privacy options like “Others can see your students’ last names/email and social information/school”, “Content (All Content or some specific things)”a student can view, “Invite other users to a collaborative EduClipboard”, “Approval required before creating EduClips” “Comments on EduClips and EduClipboards” and etc. You can mark them yes/no for a better privacy.

You can re-edit the class details, add or remove students. You can also create groups and add students to the respective groups to assign them different works.

We hope this article provides you with good information about EduClipper platform and how it helps teachers and students explore, share and contribute educational content. We’d like to know your personal views on EduClippers. Please share with us in the comment box.

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