Jordan’s Edunation Raises $3M To Accelerate Growth Of Its Digital School & LMS

Edunation Raises $3M

Edunation, an all-in-one digital school and learning management system, has recently raised $3 million in a new round of funding from US-based investor Rubix.

According to a press statement, the investment is expected to help propel the company’s growth in existing markets across Jordan, Palestine, Qatar, Kuwait, KSA, and UAE and drive further expansion into Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, and beyond.

Edunation was founded in 2013 by Firas Jabbour (CEO) and Mahmud Gabareen (CTO) to transform the education sector through technology. It provides a new-age learning environment for K-12 schools and higher education institutions by bringing all their learning needs into one single platform and giving their students, teachers, and parents the right tools for a simpler and more connected learning experience. The platform provides solutions that seamlessly tie together the functions of courses, exams, assessments, communication, planning & management, and even finance, enabling schools and institutions to utilize such a variety of functions all in one place, rather than subscribing to a host of other different platforms.

Edunation is designed to accommodate multi-lingual, multi-campus, and multi-curricula environments. The platform offers 22 languages and allows institutions to manage learning programs at different campuses and easy-to-use learning analytics via a single integrated platform. Education also supports and interconnects multiple curricula such as IB, IGCSE, and AP, and a conventional national program, making it ideal for international schools.

Commenting on the funding, Rubix said, “We have been following Edunation for the last couple of years. We were keen to invest given the company’s strong standing and clear potential to be at the forefront of the MENA EdTech scene.”

The startup plans to utilize the latest funding to further develop its platform and grow its community. For that, Edunation plans to hire exceptional local talent as it sets up a data-science division to lead the company’s move towards adopting AI and developing on the beta version it released back in mid-2020.

Edunation has been adopting the latest technologies to uphold the platform’s performance to ensure smooth operation, with virtually no downtime. The company also pursued cross-platform integrations with various partners, providing virtual learning tools from some of the most advanced systems out there. Edunation is today a proud partner to some of the top academic institutions in the MENA region. The company claims to have witnessed an astonishing 1,200% growth of users on its platform over the past year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that triggered an urgent need for schools and institutions to switch gears and adapt to an increasingly remote presence.

The Amman-based startup had raised its pre-seed investment in 2014 and another seed round in 2019, both from angel investor Dr. Abdul Malek Al Jaber.


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