Few Amazing Ways Educators Are Using Learnist

Few Amazing Ways Educators Are Using Learnist

As an educator, you need to create a great learning environment for your students. Sometimes, words are not just enough to explain the concept and students also feel difficulty in learning if they can’t visualize it. You may need images or videos to make

 them understand the concept better.  Teaching a concept with great visuals helps students learn quickly and very effectively. In this article, we provide you with information about an educational social networking site “Learnist” which helps educators to deliver lessons interactively with great visuals.

As you know Pinterest is a great visual learning tool which allows users to create and manage thematic based image collections such as events, interests and hobbies; We can say “Learnist” is a Pinterest for education. Let’s learn how an educator can use “Learnist” effectively.

Collect and Share Resources:

In Learnist, you can organize resources through learn boards. Create a board to share your knowledge and show your expertise. Learnist allows you to add resources from anywhere on the web. Post relevant resources to your learn board and add a description. Through the search toolbar, you can access many learn boards relevant to your lesson. You can suggest resources to the board, re-add resources to your board and also add tags to it. There are many options to like, comment, share and follow the boards if you find them interesting. Once you’ve collected resources for your lesson and added them to your board, you can easily provide students a better learning environment in the classroom as well as  at home.


While creating the board, you can add your colleagues or administrators or others as collaborators to it . By this, Collaborators observe what students are learning and are able to suggest related learning resources for your learn-board. You can also observe the other boards as a collaborator and can  help them provide good resources. Exchange of information leads to better understanding and greater exposure.

Make your lesson interesting:

Based on present learning approaches, students find difficulty with the traditional classroom environment. If you still make them confined to their chairs and listen to your lectures, they will loose interest. Learnist provides you with a beautiful platform to deliver your lecture. You can engage your students with images, videos and songs relevant to your lesson content. Students pay more attention if you use technological approaches like multimedia.

Keep students up to date:

If a student is absent, he may surely miss the valuable lesson topic. But Learnist allows you to help those students also by sending out emails and tweets containing lecture resources to them.

Encourage Group activities:

Learnist helps students to finish their projects with the help of other group members. A student can surely understand his responsibility in a group and thus collaborate with others effectively. They can create and mange their boards together as a team.

Save your precious time and effort:

There are many users adding resources continuously, educators can take this as an advantage to collect best resources for their lesson content. It saves your precious research time and help you make a lesson effective.

On the top of the site, you can find numerous categories like “art & design”, “science”, “education” and much more. You can filter your search results through “featured”, “popular” and “new”.  Learnist makes a class your classroom interactive and real life learning environment. We hope this information helpful for you to make you know the usage of greatest visual tool “Learnist”.

We’d like to know your personal views and your ways of using Learnist effectively. Please share with us in the comment box. 

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