Kolkata-based Nalanda Learning Systems Raises $5.3M to Expand its Preschool Learning Platform

Nalanda Learning Systems Raises $5.3M

Kolkata-based education technology startup Nalanda Learning Systems has raised Rs 40 crore ($5.3 million) from Aavishkaar Capital to expand its operations nationally.

Nalanda Learning Systems is an education company that operates ‘Little Laureates’ preschools across eastern India. Little Laureates advanced learning management focuses on interactive learning through live classroom teaching, videos, games, whiteboard, and more. The online preschool currently has over 2000+ students from all over India.

The startup aims to make education a child’s play. Its online program caters to three pre-primary classes – Nursery, Junior KG, and Senior KG. It provides adaptive learning that caters to the needs of each individual child, instructor-led live classes in batch format, and self-paced learning through its virtual platform.

Commenting on the funding and how it will help the company, Tamal Mukherjee, CEO of Nalanda Learning Systems, said,

“We have raised Rs 40 crore from Aavishkaar Capital to fund our drive to expand nationally using digital content. The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the education market. While it has accelerated the adoption of education technologies, the benefits have been limited to a small section of the society.”

Mukherjee said that Nalanda intends to not only ensure sustained learning and development outcomes for children, but also enable the pre-schooling industry to revive and upskill and provide comprehensive, contemporary, and early learning programs.

Ajay Maniar, Partner at Aavishkaar Capital, said on the investment,

“We are extremely excited to continue partnering with Nalanda as it expands its high-quality pedagogy across India through its digital platform. The Nalanda team has shown great dexterity in reimagining the pre-schooling business and has been able to translate their high-quality pedagogy into a highly impactful business proposition for pre-school owners, teachers and parents.”

Little Laureates calls its pedagogy ENRICH, which stands for Enlighten, Nurture, Reinforce, Involve, Counsel, and Highlight.

Nalanda boasts of being the first preschool to launch digitally-enabled online classes for preschoolers in India for the future generations of the world.

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