SpEd@home Raises $300K to Build Its Learning Platform For Children With Differential Needs

SpEd@home Raises $300K

SpEd@home, a Mumbai-based education technology startup for children with differential needs, has recently raised $300,000 as part of its initial funding round.

The round was led by financial experts and advisors from a venture capital company based in Singapore and other high net worth individuals (HNIs).

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Dhaval Mody after observing how limited access to remedial centers during the pandemic has hampered the learning outcomes of children with differential needs, SpEd@home offers a multi-sensory learning environment for children with learning disabilities, attention deficit or hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and those on the autism spectrum. It provides a range of tech-driven customized solutions for children’s cognitive deficits, including remediation, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and socio-emotional coaching among others.

SpEd@home aims to increase access to education to all and provide high-quality special education and therapy to children with differential needs to improve their learning outcomes. Its experienced coaches help children with a wide scope of developmental difficulties with programs tailored to their particular necessities and goals, and through one-on-one meetings. The startup curates developmentally appropriate programs taking into consideration sensory, motor, and neural apparatus to ensure the child is trained to achieve their best. SpEd@home also offers group programs, customized parent workshops, and teacher training sessions.

Speaking about the platform, Dr. Dhaval Mody, Founder & CEO of SpEd@home, said,

“We are currently running our pilot with children from the lower socio-economic strata i.e. those with a family income of less than 8 lakh annually. The results of our ongoing pilots have been very promising and are helping us take our conviction to the second round. We are sure our solution will change the way special education is delivered to children with differential needs.”

The startup plans to use the raised funds to build a basic web-based product to test out the hypothesis that children with differential needs can benefit from a customized online program. It also plans to use the capital to complete the pilot phase, develop a mobile app, improve its web solutions, and build a product team, sales team, and SME team.

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