Vietnamese EdTech Startup Educa Corporation Raises $2M in Series A Funding

Educa Corporation Raises $2M

Educa Corporation, a Vietnamese online English learning startup, has raised $2 million in a Series A funding round from Singapore-based ReDefine Capital Fund, which is backed by Alibaba and Ant Financial with hundreds of millions of USD.

The Hanoi-based education technology startup plans to use the fresh funds to heavily invest in infrastructure development and R&D with an aim of achieving two million paid users, out of 20 million Vietnamese students, by 2025. The company currently has half a million paid users on its platform. Educa Corporation also plans to reach out to new markets in Southeast Asia with the latest funding.

Founded in 2018, Educa Corporation is on a mission to bring quality education from an international school to all Vietnamese students using technology. The startup believes that a foreign language is one of the fastest ways for all citizens to access and improve knowledge. With this belief, it offers a flagship product called Edupia – an English learning app for students of primary schools. Edupia uses the latest technology to bring high-quality English learning opportunities to millions of Vietnamese students. It offers fascinating lectures taught by international teachers, game-style exercises, and exclusive speaking practice technology that helps students pronounce correctly and communicate confidently. The app also sticks to the textbook program, helping students master the lesson and get high marks in class.

Edupia offers courses that are suitable for all age groups. The courses are for primary students and follow the textbook program, in which each lesson includes a video lecture and exercises for students to practice all four skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. For Grade 1 and 2, it creates excitement and awareness for learning English, helps students pronounce simple sounds, master vocabulary, and develop comprehensive skills. For Grade 3 to 5, the courses focus on mastering different types of exercises in class, mastering the vocabulary and grammar system to use in daily life, confidently present and express personal opinions on topics related to family, school, culture, etc.

The app allows students to practice speaking with the machine as well as with friends. It provides result weekly, progress report monthly, and online support anytime. The app also offers extracurricular activities, including Presentation Competition, Live Class, and Edupia Champion League.

Edupia online English learning program is designed by qualified international experts and uses the latest English teaching methods applied at many international schools around the world. The structure of the program is built based on the PPP method, which stands for Presentation, Practice, and Production.

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