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Renaissance Learning is welcoming candidates for their Ambassador Programme for 2021. The programme by the Education Technology company is towards expanding the outreach of its solutions amongst K-12 students to create positive learning outcomes.

"While most people in the education sector work towards making quality education accessible to all, ambassadors can make it happen by letting people know how to reach it."

How can you apply for the Renaissance’s School Ambassador Program?

Qualification Criteria: The right fit for the program could be stakeholders from the education industry like Education KOL, Educators in Schools/Enrichment School, Educators in International school, and Freelance educators with good connections in the industry.

Process: Interested people need to fill out this request form. A manager from Renaissance then connects with the applicant to assess the partnership opportunity. If confirmed, the shortlisted applicant receives a confirmation and other key details regarding the proposal, orientation, and training.

Rewards: An ambassador will be ensured monetary rewards based on their success rate during the collaboration with the company. This individual will also be given certifications on the successful execution of plans and goals.

Request form

Renaissance Learning is a global leader in assessment, reading, and math solutions for the Pre-K–12 schooling sector. They aim to ensure that no educator is scarce of the best resources and actionable insights available with the help of the latest tech. These resources and insights gathered can help educators enhance the learning experience for students and build a strong education foundation. Known for its offering in the EdTech industry Renaissance Learning offers various EdTech solutions tailored to the Indian schooling sector that can help teachers and students add to its success.

Renaissance Learning offers cloud-based educational solutions, adaptive learning solutions, assessments & more to over 50,000 schools globally and helps 18.5 million students in more than 90 countries with their learning needs. They do so by using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technology to generate valuable teaching-learning data helping students, teachers, and schools alike. Committed to their mission of providing educators with valuable insights and resources, and providing the education they deserve; Renaissance Learning is now looking to expand to India.

Their efforts in this direction were prominent through The National Online Reading Competition that the company conducted a while back. The competition witnessed participation from schools around the country and was a massive success. More than 450 schools registered for the program, and 30 schools were shortlisted as the final participants. A total of 1900 students actively participated in the competition supervised by over 100 teachers. The competition was marked by over 15000 books read and a record of 446000 minutes of reading. The company also hosted 10 webinars in a year and received registrations from over 4500, witnessing over 1700 active viewership from educators keen on understanding how to succeed with online education.

The company has launched Renaissance School Ambassador Program 2021 in India and actively partnering with influential education stakeholders. This Ambassador Program is one of its kind, and no Indian school or school leader should miss out on this. The Renaissance Ambassador program offers great benefits to schools and education stakeholders to enrich people's lives in the schooling community. Ambassadors onboard get to work within the education community, and the benefits they reap are immense.

As an ambassador, you must reach out to the potential market and explain Renaissance's services. Ambassadors get to build their network and work closely with the company experts. This experience can help in enriching the industry knowledge of the ambassadors and provide one with essential skills like associating, leadership, marketing, pitching, and more. Ambassadors onboard are also rewarded if they can help fellow schools and educators access Renaissance's products and services. Also, ambassadors are promoted and given special responsibilities to maximize outreach and monitory benefits based on the performance. This helps the ambassador demonstrate their leadership skills guiding the new potential customers.

Here is the link to fill the form and initiate the first step towards the Renaissance ambassador program.

For any further queries, you can get in touch with Soumili Sen at Soumili.Sen[at] | Phone: +91 97118678-Six-Six

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