Citelighter: Store, Organize and Share Your Education and Research for Free

Citelighter: Store, Organize and Share Your Education and Research for Free

When you do an online or offline research, you need to collect that information to re-read, revise or to remember the important stuff. Whether you’re reading a complete web page or a photograph or a piece of note, you don’t need to save the entire text.

All you need is few important points to revise any concept easily. Writing those points or copy/pasting them in another document is really difficult and time confusing if you’re having lots of information for research. With Citelighter, you can overcome those problems. In this article, we provide you with the information about Citelighter, a great tool to store, organize and share your education and research for free. Keep on reading.

Citelighter is a free tool that helps you capture your research information. The first step is to create an account with Citelighter and then add its toolbar to your browser. With Citelighter’s toolbar, you can easily clip the important stuff and save it all to your Citelighter account directly. It’s like an “Evernote for Education”. Let’s learn about Citelighter briefly.

Organize your facts:

Once you’ve signed up for Citelighter, it asks you to add its extension & toolbar to your browser.  Once done, you can now log in to your account and you can find your name on right top corner.

Toolbar: You need to open many tabs when you’re researching online and it's difficult for you to switch between the tabs and word processor to collect the important stuff. Citelighter toolbar stays with you on every tab to log your findings as you go.

You just need to create a project and you are set to go. Citelighter lets you pore through pages, strip out the important bits, and move on while maintaining your focus.

Drilling through, filtering and stocking a lot of content poses no problem as, you can view all of your findings in the toolbar drop-down window, and reorganize them simply by dragging and dropping them in any order you please.  Capturing and Organizing information is very easy with Citelighter.

 Highlight & Save:

Citelighter is one of the best tools that can be used for any research project. It allows you to highlight anything on the internet. All of the highlighted text can be placed in one document. What you need to do is use the extension and highlight the important stuff, Citelighter save it for you to access it later on.


Whether you're browsing on the library desktop or your laptop in class, Citelighter saves your research, organizes it, and automatically creates a “bibliography”, making it accessible from anywhere.

Format & Export:

Collecting the information through research is only the 1st half and the 2nd half is to put that knowledge into practice. Citelighter allows you to export your quotes, notes and citations to Word, Google Docs or email.

Take notes:

Taking notes helps you while reading an article or listening to a lecture or watching a documentary on YouTube. Citelighter’s dynamic notepad is always there when you need it, which helps you take notes and store them in one place.

Share & Discover:

Citelighter gives you the option to share your knowledge, and you can browse others’ facts through the search bar as well.

Quick Guide:

Hit the “Create” button to create a Citelighter, enter the project name, set a due date, and then click “save”. Once our project is set and ready to go, open a new tab and search for the content the web address on which you want to find the information. Click on the article you want to read, select the lines you want to highlight and click the capture button to save it. You can have two more options: Edit citation or add a comment. Any changes you make, the same are saved to your Citelighter’s account and you can see them by clicking on the project you’ve created. And the important thing is Citelighter creates a bibliography automatically and it is shown at the bottom. All of your citations go in sequential order, you can add as many as you need basically to create a paper. Once you’re all done, all the citations are moved to one handy place and the bibliography is also ready. This is how Citelighter helps you finalize a paper easily.  

We hope this information helps you to know how useful is Citelighter in your research. It’s a very good fundamental tool for all the people trying to organize their online as well as offline research work.

We’d like to know your personal views on Citelighter. Please share with us in the comment box.

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