Few Amazing Augmented Reality (AR) Apps For Education

Few Amazing Augmented Reality (AR) Apps For Education

Augmented Reality creates a new trend in digital technology. It’s a type of virtual reality that aims to bring a real world into your smart phone or computer, from this statement, we can say that The Augmented Reality deals with the combination of the

 real world & computer generated data.

This technology changes the way we see the world; for example, with augmented reality, a city street becomes an instant tour guide, a surgeon can place ultra sounds of organs over a patient's body and a real estate buyer can see the path of the sun’s rays to check whether a building meets the day light requirements. The applications of augmented reality are endless. It even helps educational institutions in creating a new way of learning. There are many augmented reality apps which have already changed the face of education. Let’s learn about them.

Google Sky Map:

Google Sky Map is an astronomer’s application which makes learning about astronomy interesting and fun. With Google Sky Map, you can easily identify where the stars & constellations are, based on your location, by simply holding your smart phone in sky direction. While you move from your current location, you can see the actual constellations. Regardless of the direction you point your phone, Google Sky Map automatically identifies the elements that appear on your camera lens. It also lets you know the direction towards which you’re facing.  The features of this app include Star layer, Object layer, Constellation layer, Planets layer, Grid layer and Horizon layer.  You can view the constellations by using any of these layers or their combinations.

Google Sky App is a free Android app with augmented reality technique.

Download Google Sky Map here.


Junaio is the most advanced browser with augmented reality technology. It’s a fast and easy way to discover your world. The features of this app are endless. Junaio is the best mobile companion you need to get around. It guides you about all the places in a city by providing you with additional information about them along with the directions. It uses state-of-the-Art Augmented Reality technology to display all available information exactly where it belongs – your point of view. With Junaio’s Scan View, you can scan QR codes to get instant access to product information, and web pages or use visual search to discover content on AR enabled images. Junaio combines content from popular apps like eBay Classifieds, Valpak, Foursquare, Instagram, Eventbrite, and many more in just a single application. Easily browse all available junaio channels and get real-time updates on all your favorite content. Junaio allows you to create, explore and share information in a completely new way using augmented reality.

Junaio is a free augmented reality app available on iTunes as well as Google Play.      

FETCH! Lunch Rush:

PBS KIDS released a free augmented reality app “FETCH! Lunch Rush”  to help elementary students learn math skills through the use of visualization. This app is designed (in 3D) in such a way that it uses your smart phone camera to place graphics on your screen over the real - world surroundings. It teaches addition and subtraction problems using real world scenarios through 3D visualizations.

FETCH! Lunch Rush is a free app available on iTunes.


GeoGoogle is a free augmented reality app which helps anyone to acquire geography skills in an interactive way. It also helps students learn geographical measurements such as longitude and latitude. With GeoGoogle, you can easily check your location, view direction (compass), speed of movement, as well as see the distance to the destination. It also allows you to calculate altitude and the distance between two points using a 3D compass. Like other augmented reality apps, GeoGoogle also uses overlay graphics combined with real-world surroundings to help you learn the fundamentals of geography.

GeoGoogle is an Android app available for free on Google Play.

These are the few augmented reality apps which relate to Education. Implementing these apps in the educational field  improves the learning outcome. If you know a few more apps like these, please share with us in the comment box.

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