Validate and Score Your Lifelong Education with Degreed

Validate and Score Your Lifelong Education with Degreed

We’ve gone through schooling, entered college and graduated from a university. Are we supposed to mark the end of our learning process? My answer is an absolute “No”.  It’s wrong if we put a finite end to our education. There are an infinite number of

 things to know about in this world. Education should be a process of continuous lifelong learning.

After completing graduation or post graduation, many students may need to start their professional careers but they do not need to stop their educational career. You can make your education a continuous process by utilizing your free hours taking online courses. Let us help you by providing you with the information about “Degreed”, a free service that scores and validates your lifelong education from both accredited (i.e. Harvard) and non-accredited (i.e. iTunesU,, Khan academy, etc.) Sources.

Jailbreak Your Degree:

Degreed is a new startup from San Francisco, whose mission is to “Jailbreak the degree” and help lifetime learners with a new form of academic credentialing. Degreed helps you discover the best resources the world is offering and provides you with real-time reflection to track and succeed in your learning goals. The main aim of Degreed is to help people learn what they need to unlock relevant employment and educational opportunities.

David Blake, CEO and Co-founder of Degreed,  said he hopes that by “jailbreaking” the college degree and providing learners with high-quality, low-cost & online educational content creates a new world of education and encourages lifelong learning. 

  • For Students: Degreed gives you multiple options, including many free and low-cost options towards finishing your degree equivalence. You can learn about the best universities, courses, and professors of the world.
  • For Lifelong learners: If you are done with your graduation, you can upload your degree to establish your foundation. Degreed makes your learning a never-ending process. You can also demonstrate your skills by earning skill certificates.
  • For Employers: You can find top graduates and lifelong learners through Degreed’s data. Create the requirements for your own degree program or skill set tailored to meet your hiring & talent needs then recruit top candidates as they complete your curriculum.

Learn from any source:

Degreed allows users to track inputs such as degrees, courses, MOOCs, events, books, articles, and videos in a fun and informative way whether they be from formal institutions, like the University of California, or informal platforms like Khan,, iTunesU, Coursera and so on.


4.5 million Courses: English, Math, Science, Economics, Art, Photography, and many more.

4,500 U.S. Universities: Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Brigham Young University, Kaplan, and many more.

MOOCs: Massively Open Online Course providers like EDX, Coursera, and Udacity.  

Learning Platforms: Skillshare, Treehouse, Codeschool, Pluralsight, Lynda, etc.

13,000 International Universities: University of Toronto, National University of Singapore, Oxford, and many more.

And Many others like Bootcamps, language learning, certificates, conferences, books, articles, etc.

Scores your Lifelong Education:

 “Why can’t we take robotics at Carnegie Mellon, linear algebra at MIT, law at Stanford? And why can’t we put 130 of these together and make it a degree?”

Degreed provides an online service that tracks, scores and validates all of a user’s educational experiences. Degreed score quantifies lifelong education by both credit hours and mastery levels. You can either build an overall Degreed score for yourself or build separate scores for each academic discipline.

This is how Degreed challenges the traditional college diploma with an online service that tracks and scores educational achievements from established institutions as well as new online learning platforms. We hope this information is useful to you to know about a great online service, “Degreed”.

A Question for you: Are you a lifelong learner ? How do you want to use “Degreed” to unlock your opportunities? Please share with us in the comment box.

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