Why Knowre is a Great Tool for Math Teachers

Why Knowre is a Great Tool for Math Teachers

KnowRe is an online adaptive math learning platform that helps students succeed in math by assessing, providing personalized attention and engaging them with game-like features, attractive graphics and social learning.  It focuses to understand & win

 the gaps in student learning.

What exactly Knowre’s technology does is; it takes a math question, breaks it into its individual components and assesses where in the process the student got the question wrong. In essence, it’s like a digitized version of a teacher assessing a student’s homework. KnowRe’s algorithm determines where the student got the question wrong & from that data, it creates a personalized curriculum for each individual student that focuses on their individual strengths and weaknesses. It also provides teachers with data that lets them work with each individual student and also adjust their lesson plans. Let’s learn briefly about KnowRe.

Personalized Instructions:

KnowRe is an educational technology company with an adaptive learning product for mathematics. The main focus is to provide personalized education for each individual student. With the experience of having taught over 3500 students, Knowre has recognized the fact that the best way to understand the gaps in students’ learning is to stand over them and  watch them solve a problem. Meanwhile, it identifies the concepts in which the students' lack behind and suggests to them personalized instructions.

Digitization Process:

KnowRe’s mission is to assess the gaps in students’ learning and provide them with personalized suggestions. However, doing that for every student and for every question isn’t feasible. That’s why Knowre has come up with a digitization process. KnowRe digitizes individual concepts like quadratic factorization and solving linear equations, links them with each other and creates a 3 dimensional matrix of math concepts. This matrix allows us to take any math question, break it down into its individual components and ascertain the students' mastery on each of the subsequent components necessary to answer the question.

In addition to their assessment & personalization, Knowre has added a significant user interface and gamification elements to engage the students with learning. Let me describe how Knowre works.

Once you are done with registration and confirmation through email, you are able to log into your account at Knowre.com. By entering into KnowRe’s world, you find yourself on its Algebral I Map. Just like you would do with Google maps, point your mouse on the map and drag it around to explore. The product looks, moves and feels like a game.

Unlock the lessons by learning them:

KnowRe releases the product as a free open data source which includes the entire algebra curriculum that allows you to start any lesson or chapter on the map. The lock symbol represents a lesson you’ve not started yet, so go ahead and unlock any lesson you wish to learn. Lesson Index on the left side of the map helps you choose the lesson to start with.

Track your progress:

KnowRe tracks your progress and allows you to update your personal information. Hit the “Profile image” on the right hand corner of the map, it directs you to your profile page for further action.

Getting started with a lesson:

Start a lesson by double-clicking the lesson on the map or hitting “Start” on the index. The index will guide you throughout the lesson. KnowRe also provides you with real-life examples of a particular lesson. 

A math problem will be shown on the screen and you’ve to use the keyboard to enter the responses. If the students are able to solve a problem without any help, they can do so by using the math pallet provided there.

Guidance Through Questioning:

KnowRe helps students solve a problem by guiding them through the questions. In this process, they assess the students’ mastery of the math concepts. By hitting “Walk me through” button, students are able to know the solution of a problem through the steps involved in the procedure. For every step, the student has to answer a question by entering the response. If he answers correct, KnowRe knows that he understands the concept. 

Math Videos:

If you feel difficulty in solving a problem, KnowRe provides you with helpful guidance. You’re free to click on “Help me out!”  to watch a math video that helps you with the solution.

Review Curriculum:

If students continue to answer a question incorrectly, KnowRe shows them that their answer is incorrect and also explains to them the procedure of solving it in a right way. They determine the concepts in which the students are well-versed and those in which they lack behind and using this data, they create a review curriculum personalized for an individual student.

This is how KnowRe helps students by assessing their individual strengths and weaknesses, personalizing a curriculum for each student’s focus area, and engaging them with game-like features, attractive graphics and social learning. You may also refer to our review on KnowRe. We hope this information is useful for you. Please share your KnowRe experience with us in the comment box.

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