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Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge and it’s a never ending procedure. It’s wrong if we put an end to our education after graduation or post graduation degree. To get success in your professional career or an academic career, you should be a

 lifelong learner. What we exactly need is a quality education.

For that, we need to spend more money, work hard to get seats in the best universities and also postpone our professional careers. But nowadays’ technology delivers quality education at free of cost and allows you to have it at your fingertips at any time. The best way for all lifelong learners to improve their knowledge in a variety of fields related to their profession or education is by  taking MOOCs. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses. In the United Kingdom, more than twenty of the top universities have teamed up to create the next generation of Open Online Education. This is what “Future Learn” is!

FutureLearn offers courses from world class universities accessible on desktop, tablets and mobile phones. It allows people to fit learning around their lives rather than their lives around learning.  FutureLearn builds the unique experience of its founder “The Open University”, which has been delivering quality higher education and full degree qualification at a distance, to millions of students globally since 1971.


Partners in this franchise include many of the world’s best universities such as the British Council, the British Library, the British Museum and top Universities from across the world, including:

•           University of Bath

•           University of Birmingham

•           University of Bristol

•           Cardiff University

•           University of East Anglia (UEA)

•           The University of Edinburgh

•           University of Exeter

•           University of Glasgow

•           King’s College London

•           Lancaster University

•           University of Leeds

•           University of Leicester

•           Loughborough University

•           Monash University

•           The University of Nottingham

•           The Open University

•           Queen’s University, Belfast

•           University of Reading

•           The University of Sheffield

•           University of Southampton

•           University of Strathclyde

•           Trinity College Dublin

•           The University of Warwick

Future learn is an independent company created by a team with a great track record delivering best consumer experiences like BBC iPlayer, Massive multiple online games and Social platforms. This year, Future Learn comes online to bring something effective in this digital world of learning. Using world class learning design and the power of the social world, FutureLearn inspires enjoyable journeys of learning by allowing you to discover great resources for free.

About the CEO:

The Open University, parent company of FutureLearn, has appointed Simon Nelson as CEO for its new launch. He was a former long-time BBC executiveand has an experience of over 14 years in management and development for BBC online.

Statements from the team of Future Learn:

“There has been rapid and widespread growth in open online courses, but until now UK universities have only had the option of working with U.S.-based platforms,” said Simon Nelson.

FutureLearn will aim to bring together the leading UK universities to create a combined and coherent offer for students in the UK and internationally. I look forward to using the OU’s proud history of innovation and academic excellence to create something the UK will be proud of and the world will want to be a part of.” He added.

MOOCs represent an enormous development in higher education, one that has the potential to bring about long-lasting change to the HE sector,” said Martin Bean, the vice chancellor of The Open University.

“The Open University has over 40 years of experience in world-class distance learning. Each year We teach around 250,000 registered students, with literally millions of others accessing our free, informal, online offerings. FutureLearn will take this proud heritage and work with some of Britain’s best-known universities to write the next chapter in the story of British higher education.” He added in another statement.

More info:

FutureLearn will launch its first course later this year. Get Ready for it.

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We hope this information will be useful for you to know about “FutureLearn”, a new trend in open online education.

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