Activate Instruction: Free Online Tool to Personalize Learning

Activate Instruction: Free Online Tool to Personalize Learning
Think of the greatest challenges a teacher faces throughout the process of teaching. Some that strike to the mind almost suddenly, are there having to deal with weaker students, providing personalized attention and having all the study resources in one
 place, aren’t these which struck you too? Activate Instruction is a free online tool which was developed to aid teachers to overcome these hurdles with technological ease.

It is an open platform where teachers can browse, search, rate, add, share and organize their favorite common-core aligned resources and put them together for their students to access. Parents and students can use the teacher prescribed set of resources or search for them on their own, with the platform’s inbuilt search feature.

Specially made for K-12 students, and nearly including all subject areas like Math, Science, English and more, Activate Instruction helps students and teachers by connecting them with each other and with the learning resources. It enables them to harness the best resources, without the need of having to look at several places for them. Resources are broken-down to be organized into playlists, to meet a student’s individual needs. Activate is the lone free content aggregation system that exists to help teachers deliver personalized instruction, since its technology allows curricular resources to link electronically with any school system’s student achievement data management systems.

Features of Activate Instruction are as follows:

  • Search - Find resources to create playlists, access ready-made playlists and search by grade level, topic and standard.
  • Organize - Collect resource materials from a variety of sources, create and store all in one place and save for re-use, access everything from any device; computer, tablet or Smartphone.
  • Customize - Create playlists based on specific topics or for particular students, and also based on the recommendations from the student performance assessment system.
  • Share - Share resources with colleagues, students, parents and others. Social sharing includes following teachers, liking and rating playlists.
  • Assess - Integrate playlists with formative assessments when Activate is linked to a student assessment system.

And here’s how you can use Activate Instruction:

To start using Activate, you need to Sign-up to create an account. Find the Activate User Guide, by entering the same in the search bar, this will assist you through the platform usage. After this basic familiarization you can begin by following the step-wise given below:

  • Contribute Resources - Teachers can create, upload or share resources in any form like videos, docs, worksheets, images, etc. They can also organize resources for their own use. They can tag these resources by grade level, topic and standards, so that they can be filtered to provide a more refined search. Along with their own resources, teachers are also assisted by content providers who upload free resources for teachers to use at their convenience.
  • Create and share playlists : Access and search Activate to create playlists, which can either be for the entire class or custom- to address to an individual student’s needs. Playlists can be saved for a teacher’s own use and can also be shared with other teachers, students and parents.
  • Usage and sharing of playlists by students : Students can access from a variety of playlists to suit their learning, share them and follow their teachers on Activate. Parents can access the playlists to check their appropriateness for their child. Students can work through them at their own pace and along with their parents can ‘like’ them or submit feedbacks on them.

Hence, Activate Instruction helps create an enhanced and Personalized Learning experience for teachers and students for free. Anyone with an internet connection can browse or search its resource bank to enhance their learning experience. If you as a school want Activate to provide tailored resources based on a student’s past performance, you need to link it with a participating Student Assessment System.

I hope this information helped you familiarize yourself with this fascinating and utterly useful tool in today’s world of technology-aided education. Have any doubts or additional knowledge? Please feel free to share with us through the Comment Box.

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Author: Saomya Saxena
Educational technology blogger, loves to research and write about tools and tips for educators on how to integrate technology into everyday instruction creatively and effectively. Fond of reading and writing.

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