STEM-focused Self Learning App Practically Raises $5M to Expand its Growth Across India

Practically series b funding

Practically, a self-learning app that makes learning fun and interactive through virtual reality, 3D simulations, and augmented reality videos, has raised $5 million from NB Ventures (UAE), Earlsfield Capital (UK), Almoe Group of Companies (UAE), and Ncubate Capital (the investment arm of The SAR Group) in the run-up to raising Series B funding early next year.

The Hyderabad-based startup will leverage these investments to expand its operations across India, the Middle East, and South East Asia with a focus on marketing, product development, scaling up the business and sales verticals, and driving tactical hiring to consolidate its foothold in the EdTech sector.

Founded in 2018 by Subbarao Siddabattula, Charu Noheria, and Ilangovel Thulasimani, Practically is an intelligent, interactive, and immersive learning app for students of classes 6-12 with a focus on STEM learning. It is the only experiential learning app that brings learning alive through immersive videos, interactive augmented reality, and 3D simulations. It offers an edge over other learning apps by enhancing conceptual understanding and improving retention of concepts with features like life-like video content, hands-on learning, experiential learning, live classes, coding++, and AI assistant.

Practically believes that there is an explorer, hidden deep within each of us who is often stifled by the rigid notions of conventional education. The company wants to reach out to that explorer within every learner and unleash their true potential for limitless learning.

Commenting on the latest development, Charu Noheria, Co-founder and COO of Practically, said,

"We are excited to welcome a new group of investors, as we gear up for the Series B fundraise in the next few months in a bid to make Practically a global brand. The Practically app has also enabled continued experiential learning for 1.5 million students since its launch during the first lockdown. This strategic investment not only re-establishes investors’ faith in the business but also gives us the stimulus required to enhance learning outcomes in students and empower teachers."

Within 16 months of the app launch, the company has reached the milestone of 1.5 million downloads and continues to grow.

Neelesh Bhatnagar, Managing Director of NB Ventures has said,

"We value this strong and constructive relationship that we have formed with Practically. Edtech has been an extremely important space for us and we believe in working with brands that are committed to revolutionizing this industry. We are supportive of Practically’s vision and firmly believe that through their high-end solutions they will continue to make learning a happier space for students. We look forward to this association getting stronger as they deepen their commitment to the community of educators and students in the forthcoming year."

Practically has previously raised $9 million from investors such as YourNest Venture Capital, Exfinity Ventures, and Siana Capital. With the current round, the startup has raised a total of $14 million to date.

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