Edmodo and Evernote: A Great Combination for Teachers

Edmodo and Evernote: A Great Combination for Teachers
We are much aware of the individual benefits and implications of Edmodo and Evernote as today’s two of the most popular EdTech apps . What’s new is the significance of using Edmodo+Evernote together as a combination. With several individual utilities of
 these tools for educators, one can easily think of the enhancement of their use when both the powerful apps are combined with each other.

The clever combination of these two raging tools has many benefits of which most people are still unaware. Using them together as a combination is a new concept but is turning out to be widely adopted by a large number of teachers and students across the world.

Edmodo as we know is a much sought after social learning platform to connect learners with each other and the resources they need and offers additional features to engage students, measure student progress and personalize with apps. Evernote is a revolutionary note-making app, bringing us to terms with all the modern and technologically advanced ways of making and archiving notes, with its various features like, note synchronization, photo/video capture, efficient research, note-sharing, collaboration and activity planner. There are several more features like these, which make digital education easier and convenient.

At the same time, several teachers have grieved of facing an obstacle of creating an efficient workflow in education. Workflow between teachers and students is a system through which teachers distribute work/tasks to students, collect the completed work back from them and provide them with the necessary feedback. The problem lies with teachers having to distribute tasks to all students, keeping a record of them, allowing them to accumulate the work of an entire class year at one place, and then recollecting the completed work back from each and every student to provide them with the necessary feedback, all at one place, in less time and a more manner.

Here’s the step-wise of how Edmodo+Evernote (great tools for educators) address to this issue:

  • Teachers can upload assignments/worksheets for students on Edmodo.
  • Students can download the uploaded docs, collect and work on them in one easily accessible portfolio- Evernote.
  • Students can export presentations, docs, PDFs, photos to Evernote in their ‘Notebook which is shared with their teachers.
  • Now, they can upload their completed work back on Edmodo.
  • Teachers can in turn download each student’s submission, grade their work and provide them feedback, all on Edmodo.
  • Students can also take screenshots of the marked assignments and add them as notes to the same notebook on Evernote.
  • Alternatively, with premium accounts, teachers along with viewing can also edit the content of a student’s notebook; hence feedback can be directly left on Evernote as well.

With the combination of the tools Edmodo and Evernote, teachers are duly supported and are able to take classes efficaciously and with much more ease. Students can take quizzes, access class study material and participate in online discussions through Edmodo, while Evernote can be used as their digital notebook. Moreover, teachers are able to create Notebooks on Evernote, to share notes and other class information with their students and students can in turn create and share Notebooks consisting of Homework and other assignments via. Evernote.

To conclude, the combination of Edmodo+Evernote helps set up an efficient and manageable workflow for classes. Tasks are distributed through Edmodo and collected through Evernote. Besides the development of a proper workflow, this combination aids teachers with better teaching techniques, helps them add more organization to their work and optimizes their time and effort. It also helps students to make and retrieve notes in a better way, seek help from their peers or teachers whenever required. Together, these tools help conduct a class in a digital manner and ease the entire process of teaching/learning.

Hope this article helped widen your knowledge on EdTech and can be of use to you in the near future. Are you aware of any other ways of using Edmodo+Evernote as a combination? If yes, then please go ahead and share your knowledge with us. The comment box awaits you.

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Author: Saomya Saxena
Educational technology blogger, loves to research and write about tools and tips for educators on how to integrate technology into everyday instruction creatively and effectively. Fond of reading and writing.

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