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Reed Howard was a teacher having more than 40 years of experience. An incident on the very first day of her career changed her philosophies about teaching. While she was walking around the classroom, she realized that one of her smartest students
 wasn’t paying attention in her class and was making a sketch of a gravestone that read: “In Memory of Those who Died Waiting for the Bell.”

Ever since that moment, she has made her move to engage kids effectively by making their learning fun and interactive. In 2001, she founded Brain Hurricane , which has been helping students by using efficient strategies to collect, synthesize, and act on data. In this article, we provide you with information about the team Brain Hurricane’s latest creation “Wowzers”. Let’s learn about it.

Brain Hurricane has moved one more step forward with “Wowzers ”. The goal behind the creation of “Wowzers” is to deliver the same engaging learning experience for students, but to use more powerful data collected electronically to more robustly individualize the learning experience for each child. Wowzers is a great tool for teaching Math in elementary and middle schools through story-driven games and activities. The foundation of Wowzers is a data-driven learning platform built from the ground-up specifically for Common Core. Their mission is to create creative content, Math tools and develop new technologies that help kids learn with fun.

Wowzers focuses on different approaches of learning. Let’s learn about them briefly.

Different Learning Styles: Every student is unique and learns differently. Some students learn by reading, some by watching, some by listening while many others by doing. Wowzers believes in the fact that different students learn differently.

Adopting Own Learning Style: Wowzers allows educators to provide students with technology that helps in adopting their own learning style. Wowzers accommodates for different learning styles, speeds, and concentration levels.

Learning with ease and fun: Wowzers provides students with games that helps them learn things with ease and fun.

Learning anywhere, anytime: Wowzers makes a classroom with no boundaries. Students can learn Math anywhere and anytime with numerous apps, games, resources and online tools.

Creativity matters: To engage children, we must provide them with very creative stuff. Well experienced and most creative people have teamed up for Wowzers to make things creative.

Features of Wowzers software:

Pedagogy behind Curriculum:

Wowzers is a comprehensive solution to Math education which includes separate curriculum for each grade and hundreds of different Math concepts. Each day is made up of a tryout, lesson, practice, aim and quiz. The concepts are demonstrated by very interactive means. Wowzers encompasses all types of brain’s learning systems: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and reflective.


Wowzers includes 4 main types of adaptive features to create individual assessment instruction for each student. When a student makes a mistake, Wowzers provides him with clues and puts him back on track. To speed up the process, it allows high performance students to skip unnecessary lessons. It brings more practice for students by increasing the level of difficulty step by step. It slows down the process and decreases the difficulty level for students with low performance as well. When students struggle with a particular concept, it shows a short video on how to solve the problem and gives students another chance to answer.

Student engagement:

Students are asked to solve Math problems by clicking, dragging or entering text. It makes students active learners instead of passive listeners. Game-based elements and rewards are additional attractions to Wowzers.

Virtual Manipulatives:

Wowzers demonstrates complex concepts through animations. It allows students to explore three-dimensional shapes, practice measuring objects, learn to read tools and instruments, explore the meaning of fractions, transform shapes or even manipulate blocks to demonstrate mathematical properties. These manipulators make students creative and encourage discovery.


Many assessment tools are included for teachers to assess student performance on daily as well as weekly basis. They help teachers in delivering personalized instructions for each student.

Reward System for Students:

Students are rewarded with coins as they progress through concepts. With these coins, they can customize their avatars, buy decoration items for their virtual apartments, etc. It also allows teachers to award students with coins.

Interdisciplinary Projects and Career Readiness:

Students interact with different characters to learn how professionals use Math. It also improves students’ problem-solving skills and makes them aware of how greatly Math influences the world. With this feature, they develop an idea about their future professions.

Classroom features and functionality:

The tools allow teachers to give assignments individually, create playlists of concepts for each individual student and record students’ performance every day to design personalized assessment and instruction.  

In addition to the above mentioned features, there are many more tools for viewing curriculum, viewing students’ scores and administration access for classrooms, schools and districts are included in Wowzers.

We hope this information is useful for you to know about a great online Math learning software. You can sign up here for a free trail. We’d like to know about more tools like this, if you know a few, please feel free to share with us.

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