Edthena - Better Coaching for Teachers Using Technology
Educators are key to students’ success. Research shows that having a great teacher is one of the best ways to ensure high student achievement. The best ways for teachers to become efficient and effective are direct observation and feedback, but nowadays, 
improving teachers through such approaches is time consuming, uneconomical and extremely resource-intensive to do in person.

 21st century technology is capable of making any task simple, all we need to do is to find the suitable approach. This article helps you know about Edthena, which brings observation and feedback for your teachers online. Let’s learn about it.

Edthena is an online platform that brings observation and feedback online using recorded video and specialized collaboration tools. Educational institutions need to spend more money on teacher improvement in order to achieve today’s learning standards. The motto behind creating Edthena is to achieve higher teacher improvement with limited resources. Its mission is to improve teacher performance by connecting them to an online platform for professional development that provides flexible access to support from colleagues and expert coaches.  

“In the context of the right supports and expectations, a good teacher can become great, but the solution must be cost-efficient and scalable to succeed.”- Adam Geller, Edthena

What Edthena actually does is that it connects teachers to coaches through an online platform, enabling an educator to upload videos of lessons and receive high-quality feedback and coaching from experts. By reviewing these feedbacks, an educator can implement immediate actions to improve their skills. Let’s see how it works step by step.

Teacher records a video:

Educators can record a lesson video from any device such as a camera, mobile or a computer which supports video recording.

Advantages of Video:

A video allows teachers to observe themselves and have access to the same information as an observer.

It also enables multiple people - including the teacher - to interact with the same evidence.

Video brings out true behavior and avoids the presence of other adults who impact student behavior.

Uploading the video to Edthena platform:

After recording the video, educators can upload it to Edthena platform and send it privately to whomsoever they want feedback from.

Advantages of online platform:

Coaches and mentors use videos as exemplars and design focused learning events for groups.

Observation online creates a safe and separate space meant for feedback and improvement.

Edthena makes its online service simple in design and easy-to-use for any educator with basic tech skills.

It’s safe and secure as it allows users to have control over who sees their content and when.

Every user gets personalized help just with one click.

Receives feedback:

Once after sharing their video, educators can get feedbacks from their colleagues, mentors and coaches. As Edthena enables anywhere, anytime video uploading and video watching, educators can get feedback easily. It helps them improve their skills by reviewing the feedbacks.

The best thing about Edthena is that it is rooted in the perspectives of being an educator. It is context specific as all aspects of the process are tailored to the particulars of being an educator. To get started, you can request them to have a personalized demo at a time convenient for you.

Recently they have launched their service after nearly two years of testing and building. Users can sign up here to have an early-access account.

For more updates, you can follow @Edthena on Twitter and Edthena on Facebook. We hope this information is useful for you to know about a great collaborative platform for teacher improvement.

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