SpongeLab: Great Online Learning Platform for Science Lovers
Science, as a subject is universal and knows no boundaries. It’s the most useful and interesting subject. From students to scientists, everyone loves to learn science and have something new to know every day.  For all such science lovers, we are now giving 
you information about a great online learning platform to learn Science with fun and curiosity. Let’s learn about it through this short review.

SpongeLab is an open and free science learning platform with a mission to educate students in the sciences by building content-rich immersive teaching tools designed around discovery-based learning that are accessible to educators and learners at school, at home and in the general public. They build their own products and offer custom production services for the global education community. Features of SpongeLab are as follows:

Register an account with SpongeLab by entering basic information about you or sign up with your Google or Facebook accounts.  Once you’re done with registration, you can access the SpongeLab platform by logging in to your account.

Explore Free and Stunning Science Content:

SpongeLab brings you quality content on science topics, lesson plans, case studies and many more.

There are many forms of content:

Graphics and Images, Games and Simulations, Animations and Video, Linked Animations & Video, Shared Lessons, Lesson plans, Quizzes, Case studies, eTextbooks, eBooks, ePublications and Spongelab market place.

Hit “explore” and search the content you want to learn about. It allows you to filter your results by language as well as areas of interest.

Powerful Teaching tools:

Spongelab offers powerful toolsets for organizing, delivering, and sharing customizable lessons with your students and fellow teachers. After getting your search results, you can learn about them directly by clicking on the title or save them for future reference by clicking on “+” symbol. The results are saved in “My lists”. Turn lists into lessons by sharing them with your students.

“My lessons” menu consists of current lessons, copied lessons and archived lessons.

Educators create lessons by entering the summary and detailed description; add contents like images, videos and case studies which help their students and fellow teachers learn effectively.  It also allows you to assign lessons to fellow teachers, students or groups. SpongeLab allows you to blend your own teaching material with highly interactive educational content.

My Classes: Create a class by entering class name, class id, grade level, teacher’s name, additional teachers, summary and number of students. After creating a class, it will display class code which enables you to log in to your class. Click on “select class” to send invitation to your students and teachers by entering their mail ids.

Data Analytics and Insights:

By clicking on profile, you can access information regarding levels of achievement, contributed content, shared lessons in the form of graphs, credit points, badges etc.

Assess, track, and evaluate usage and engagement with our real-time data tracking metrics, providing immediate feedback and insights into digital learning culture.

Game Based Learning:

As we know game based learning enhances students’ learning, it’s an effective way to implement in your classroom. SpongeLab provides you with many educational games for engaging them with your students. These games transform digital world into physical world by providing real-life experience to students. Explore, play and learn.

SpongeLab community consists of many science enthusiasts where you can explore and exchange knowledge with them.

Personalize your learning experience by building your customized profile progressing through many levels and contribute your science content.

We hope this information is useful for you to know about SpongeLab, a great science learning platform. We’d like to know more such platforms. If you know a few, please feel free to share with us in the comment box.


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