ClassOwl: Organize Your assignments and Social Events Smoothly

ClassOwl: Organize Your assignments and Social Events Smoothly
As technology advances, it helps people do tasks with less effort. Especially in the field of education, time management was a difficult task for both students as well as educators. They had to spend a lot of time organizing their course schedules and
 deadlines and hardly got time for interaction with each other outside of the classroom for clarification of doubts as well as feedback.

21st century technology overcomes these problems by various approaches. We provide you with the information about an online platform ClassOwl, whose vision is to keep students in the know about all relevant campus activities and provide a place where they can get help in whatever they need, whenever they need it.

ClassOwl is a social academic platform created by undergraduates of Stanford university. Rather than having separate planners for school deadlines and social events, ClassOwl provides a single planner that allows students to follow their classes and student groups in one place. It enables members of any group or class receive updates from all the other members of the organization. This helps students and educators keep up to date about all the events, deadlines, exams and organize assignments. With this ClassOwl review, let’s learn how students, educators and administrators benefit from it.


As ClassOwl is an online academic platform created by students for students, its main focus is simplifying students’ school life.It ensures students keep track of all assignments, events and deadlines.

ClassOwl over Current Day Planner or online Calendar: Current day planners require too much initial user input where as ClassOwl creates a single planner that gets populated by your community and allows you to stay organized and saves you time in the process.

ClassOwl’s social side: It has two functionalities: firstly, it’s a single source to search for and organize every event on campus. Secondly, it allows students to create private groups to help create internal social calendars, organize meetings, and chat and discuss about upcoming events.


ClassOwl recognizes the fact that it is difficult for educators to alert all the students whenever they need to make simple changes in the syllabus calendars. It allows teachers to create a standard, easy-to-follow syllabus that can be viewed by their students through their ClassOwl planner. It also enables educators to track the progress of students and help them perform better. With ClassOwl, educators can organize their work, access the events happening in the campus and also know about the activities of students outside the classroom.


With ClassOwl, administrators centralize all their academic deadlines, calendars and events that can be viewed by students and educators. It also enables you to send automatic reminders to students about events.

This is how students, educators and administrators benefit from ClassOwl. It is currently compatible as a plug-in to any open source platform such as Sakai or Moodle and can also works independently of any course system. ClassOwl planner can be embedded into any existing course page. It allows professors to update syllabus and alerts students in their own personalized planner. We hope this information is useful for you to know about ClassOwl. We’d like to know few more platforms which help students and educators organize their social as well as academic events effectively. If you know a few, please share with us in the comment box.


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