Learning Ace: Search, Discover, Learn & Share Educational Materials

Learning Ace: Search, Discover, Learn & Share Educational Materials
Learning Ace is a next generation adaptive search and recommendation website for higher education students. It redefines how college and professional students discover and browse educational materials on the web.

With Learning Ace’s learning maps and

 recommendations students can pinpoint exactly where they want to learn. It also provides personalized learning experience. Let’s learn about its functionalities quickly.

Learning Ace combines the most relevant educational materials today with our next generational adaptive learning technology. They have recognized the fact that it’s challenging for many students to complete their college studies successfully. They keep students back on track quickly by providing them with a personalized learning experience.  Four primary tenants under which they operate are as follows:

  • Bring the best of education in the hands of students without boundaries.
  • Facilitate rich learning experiences that are leverageable rather than answers to questions.
  • Work closely and meaningfully with publishers and other educational companies to bring true value to students.
  • Help education evolve to be more student-centric.

How Learning Ace works:

Create an academic profile:

You can access Learning Ace’s features effectively by registering an account for free. Sign up directly or log in with your Facebook account. It allows you to share your Learning Ace experiences, maintain an academic profile and get access via tokens to Premium content and features.

Search and Discover Educational Materials:

Enter an educational inquiry in the search box and you’ll see numerous search results immediately. It’s having an advanced search option where you can browse the contents by subject, topic, price and relevance (title, rating & pages). It provides you with a personalized learning experience where you can view the educational materials directly and explore the recommendations (courses, subjects, people, textbooks, topics and learning paths) relating to your inquiry.

Create folders in the name of course or subject by entering a description. Learning Ace provides you with two options to share your content. You can directly add an educational content to your folders or you can add it to your current path (Learning Path).

Learning Paths:

Learning paths are a simple way to add and organize relevant educational materials for a specific inquiry. Simply click on the symbol (circle with “+” sign inside) when you scroll over any title that’s relevant to your search. Learning paths are auto saved and you can edit them later. For clear understanding, you can enter the path name, description, course/folder and some notes.

Users can find their saved paths and searches at the top.

Learn and Share your findings:

Find the most relevant educational materials and learn the best content on the web. Share it with Learning Ace community which helps others to find the best content from search results. You can follow and be followed by fellow students, professors and TAs and get real-time alerts of relevant educational content.

Learning Ace is a 100% student-focused web destination that leverages advanced search and recommendation technologies, instructor/publisher relationships to provide students with best educational resources at each learning point of their coursework. We hope this information is useful for you to know about a great platform, Learning Ace which helps you search, discover, learn and share best educational contents. If you know a few more platforms with similar functionality like Learning Ace, please feel free to share with us in the comment box.

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Author: Santosh Bhaskar KWebsite: http://www.twitter.com/SantoshBhaskarK
Devotee of Dr. Abdul Kalam. Following his path of Creating Creative Education in India. Contributing my works in "India Vision 2020". Former EdTech Blogger/Researcher at ETR India

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