Online Career Preparation Startup Dibimbing Raises Fresh Funding Through FundEx SCF Platform

Online Career Preparation Startup Dibimbing Raises Fresh Funding Through FundEx SCF Platform

Dibimbing, an Indonesia-based online learning platform that provides skills for job preparation and career upgrades, has raised fresh funding through stock securities issuance at FundEx, a securities crowdfunding startup.

The company is aiming for IDR 1.2 billion funding with 45 days offer period. There are 2.4 million total shares issued or the equivalent of 5% with a Rp500 price per share.

According to the company's prospectus, Dibimbing offers a number of benefits for its investors. In addition to capital gains, investors also get a special bonus in the form of a free investment class worth of IDR 1 million for each person.

Around 80% of the funds raised by Dibimbing will be used to improve the quality of technology-oriented products, including the use of AI to provide a better experience for its users. The remaining 20% will be used to recruit the best marketing team to acquire more users.

Co-founded by three young alumni of the University of Indonesia, Zaky Muhammad Syah, Alim Anggono, and Wildan Gunawan in November 2020, Dibimbing offers digital skills learning, career preparation, and job distribution for Indonesian digital talents. The platform focuses on helping users improve the abilities and skills required in the working industry. The educational programs provided are data science, digital marketing & UI/UX, business intelligent & SEO.

Speaking about the platform, Co-founder and CEO of Dibimbing, Zaky Muhammad Syah, said in an official statement,

"Dibimbing has a vision to deliver unlimited digital talent as we want to help people find jobs easily and also provide them access to low-cost learning. Therefore, we need funding to scale up our product, and we need a partner to help spread the impactful work of Dibimbing for our customers."

The startup efforts to provide the best are also reflected in the desire to cooperate with all parties according to its competencies. It has collaborated with hundreds of companies for talent supply, company training, marketing and product partnerships and special collaborations.

Dibimbing is the second company to raise funds through a startup pioneered by Founder and CEO of FundEx Indonesia, Agung Wibowo. The company shares are available to purchase through FundEx starting from Rp500 thousand, it will be affordable for many people.

According to Aung, FundEx targets to provide alternative funding platforms for 30 companies by the end of this year. Meanwhile, conducting intensive education through various activities on various online and offline platforms. This step is important to align the public's understanding of the investment variants with different levels of risk.

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