Mussila Launches WordPlay Using 'Learn, Play, Create’ Methodology.

Mussila Launches Wordplay Using 'Learn, Play, Create’ Methodology.

Innovative Icelandic EdTech company, Mussila, is proud to present Mussila WordPlay, a new creative digital learning solution for children using Mussila’s unique ‘Learn, Play, Create’ methodology.

With the learning-through-play approach, the new app provides a safe space for children, six years old and up, to learn to read and improve their comprehension skills in English. The app is available on the App Store as of 11th March 2022.

The app is designed to spark children’s natural curiosity, motivating them to easily master the fundamentals of reading and to use their sense of creativity and play to firmly strengthen the knowledge acquired. WordPlay is structured upon evidence-based practice and clinical expertise in speech and language pathology and has shown excellent results in establishing good language skills.

From Music to Words

Research has shown that language and music are connected through listening, rhythm, and singing. This connection is essential for developing phonological awareness. Considering the above, WordPlay is the perfect addition to Mussila’s first game, Mussila Music, which has proven to be effective in teaching music to diverse groups of students. The award-winning app is available in 32 languages and has been certified by the Finnish Education Alliance as a quality learning solution. Currently, children from all over the world are playing the game, and schools in 19 countries are using the app for music education.

A digital educational platform of the future

The demand for the app grew substantially during the beginning of the Covid era when schools closed down and switched to distance-based learning in countries across the globe. It was then that the company decided to create a new solution for schools and distance learning. Mussila WordPlay will also be part of the school catalog, increasing the offer's value for educational institutions. Mussila intends to continue expanding its categories of subjects in the coming year, using its unique methodology to give every child a way to learn.

“Children are natural learners and our task is to give them creative tools based on evidence-based practice that sparks their curiosity, motivating them to learn,” says Jon Gunnar Thordarson, CEO of Mussila. “Having been one of those students that struggled to keep up my interest in school, nothing makes me happier than hearing from teachers all over the world how both the most challenged children and those that have been bored out of their minds are now learning through our apps, and enjoying it.”

WordPlay is an excellent addition to Mussila’s school catalog and one step closer to becoming the digital educational platform of the future.

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