Math is a very useful and interesting subject but not all students learn it with ease. It’s a challenging task for parents to enhance their kids’ learning, especially in subjects like Math. Sometimes they may go for expensive learning centers but the 
results are not up to expectations because these centers can’t provide kids with personalized instructions.

On the other hand, they may also choose some educational games but many of those games don’t concern a child’s specific needs. It’s difficult to trace a resource which combines sound learning with real fun. To overcome this situation, Stephen, an enthusiastic parent who spotted the need of better Math learning for his daughter, partnered with Brent Davis (an expert educator) and Michael J. Sikorsky (top mobile game developer) and co-founded Gummii. Gummii seems to be a game, but it’s actually a Math tutoring platform. Let’s learn about it.

Gummii is an innovative, game-based Math learning system that builds kids’ motivation and adapts to their individual learning needs. Gummii looks like a game, but functions like a Math (Fractions, Additions & Subtractions) tutor. This site/app helps parents engage their kids with fantastic gaming/learning experiences. It brings to the students an educational 3D world where they solve Math tailored for Differentiated Instruction.

Gummi’s principles:

The core principle on which Gummi is founded is “Virtually every child can become skilled at Math.”  This seems to be a prediction yet it is based on years of research.

Gummi recognizes the fact that different kids have different learning styles. For example, One will get the concept of addition by counting groups of blocks, another might get it by looking at a ruler and the third might prefer to work with a balance. Gummi keeps all such points in mind while designing games for children.

Gummii’s games are purely interactive. Features that allow tapping on a keyboard or pushing shapes with a mouse engage kids more and make them learn better.

According to Gummii, practice needs to be: Tailored to specific development needs, challenging, and guided by real-time feedback.

Gummii’s Mission:

Gummii identifies two main tasks to help parents enhance their kids’ learning. Parents can’t help kids learn anything if they aren’t in the room, so the 1st task is to get kids engaged with a fantastic game experience and the 2nd task is to introduce a Math activity in their gaming experience which helps them learn with fun.


Play starts in an HD/3D world inhabited by a customizable avatar, and a robot sidekick named Zoom. It enables players construct whatever they want using virtual blocks, from buildings to vehicles. They earn coins by progressing through various levels. After that they soon discover a far more efficient way to earn points. Meanwhile, various Math challenges are introduced in their gaming activity.


Math challenges are tailored to individual learning abilities and are done through context specific steps. It allows players to choose from various challenge types.

Customized Learning Curriculum:

Gummii’s learning curriculum is customized for each individual learner.

Micro-Discernments: Gummii introduces intervening and context-specific steps (‘micro-discernments’™) —the smallest possible unit of learning in a given context, which vary almost infinitely among learners.

Gummii’s Blog:

Brent Davis, Co-founder and CEO of Gummii, has been a Math teacher, education researcher, and “teacher of teachers” for over 30 years. He has worked with countless elementary Math learners and his research focuses on understanding and sharing techniques used by the world’s best Math teachers. Gummii’s blog consists of Brent’s writings that help teachers and parents enhance kids’ Math learning skills.

Gummii 1.0 app is now available on app store. It has also become the top ranked free math app.

Compatible with: iPad

Requires: iOs 6.0 or later.

Price: Free

Educators can follow @gummii for school edition details & exclusive invitations to the Gummii Teachers' Lounge. We hope this information is useful for you to know about this great Math learning tool which offers differentiated instruction and assessment. Please share your views or additional knowledge on the same through the Comment Box.

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