Linewize Acquires K-12 Web Filter and Firewall Provider Cipafilter 

Linewize acquires Cipafilter

K–12 cyber safety management provider Linewize has recently acquired Cipafilter, a web filter and firewall dedicated to educators nationwide, for an undisclosed amount.

This marks the third acquisition in less than a year making Linewize one of the world’s largest K-12 digital safety providers, serving more than 10 million students globally and offering a suite of capabilities including compliance and filtering, classroom management, real-time monitoring and intervention, online safety education, and more.

Linewize’s parent company, Family Zone, acquired 100% of Cipafilter’s shares from holding company DerbyTech for $4.5 million in Family Zone shares plus $3 million in cash, according to a press statement.

With an established reputation for quality and loyalty, Cipafilter provides schools with a web filter and firewall technology, in addition to valuable reporting and notification alerts. Cipafilter created the industry's first contextual filter to limit false positives and false negatives, a plague for students and teachers alike. Having served the US K-12 market for over two decades, the company supports more than 400,000 students.

Commenting on the development, Ross Young, Executive Vice President of Linewize, said,

"This acquisition is a testament to our continued growth. By merging our technology offerings and staff with that of Cipafilter, we are determined to further our mission to protect the digital journeys of students globally. Looking ahead, we remain committed to meeting the evolving needs of school districts and keeping students safe in the digital world."

The acquisition perfectly aligns with Linewize’s growth strategy, further solidifying the company as a global EdTech leader. In addition to obtaining an increased client base, Linewize will now have access to more robust engineering and sales teams. 

Andrew Derbyshire, Chief Operating Officer of Cipafilter, also commented saying,

"We are honored to be welcomed into Linewize’s rapidly growing group. Having built an effective web filter and more, we’re proud to have successfully provided schools with the level of safety that's needed today. As we look forward to calling Linewize home, we intend to continue making an impact in the ever-changing EdTech landscape."

Linewize is a K-12 cyber safety management system and an emerging leader in the fast-growing global cyber-safety and EdTech sector. It provides a suite of solutions for IT administrators, teachers, and communities spanning filtering and reporting, monitoring, and classroom management, in addition to education and engagement. Linewize’s comprehensive suite of tools and resources is designed to keep kids safe online and address a range of digital learning needs. The company offers products and resources that enable schools to partner with families in order to protect every child’s digital journey, both in the classroom and at home.

Last year, Linewize snapped up Smoothwall, a UK-based education technology company, and NetRef, a classroom management software company. 

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