Talent Marketplace FlexC Raises Over $1M Pre-Series Funding From FyneHand

FlexC pre-series funding

FlexC, an AI-driven talent marketplace, has announced that it has raised over $1 million in Pre-Series funding from FyneHand.

FlexC is an AI-driven talent marketplace for organisations to hire and manage their hybrid workforce. It acts as an uber for recruitment for its 150+ clients through its 200+ agencies and 25K+ professional network.

FlexC offers an integrated SaaS platform to engage with agencies, hire talent (full-time, contractual and remote), create milestones, and pay invoices, all at one platform. The company also offers monitoring support to track the performance of the hybrid employees. Managers can track real-time productivity through an interactive dashboard and download performance reports.

Girish Kukreja, Founder & CEO of FlexC, said,

"This is an important milestone in FlexC journey to become India's best talent marketplace. This partnership brings in great domain expertise, complementary offerings to take our platform to large corporates and expand our offerings into new verticals. Looking forward to achieving bigger and better milestones together."

The company plans to use the funds to accelerate the business horizons, for the expansion of its agency network and industry verticals beyond IT and BPO like consumer tech, BFSI, and retail. It also intends to invest in technology platforms to give a better user experience to its clients and integrate various services including offline video interviews, assessments, BGV, etc to create a complete ecosystem.

Speaking on the development, Siddharth Raisurana, Founder and Managing Director of FyneHand, said,

"Future of Human Capital is all about Hybrid Workplace and Hybrid Workforce. With FyneHand’s vision of - All Things Human Capital and FlexC's vision of a platform for People-Skill-Solutions, this creates great synergy and partnership to approach the market addressing the future of human capital which includes permanent and gig workforce."

As part of the investment, Siddharth Raisurana from Fynehand has joined as a member of FlexC’s board of directors. He is the former COO of ABC Consultants and currently is the Founder and Managing Director of Fynehand.

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