Next Reality Classroom & AR Teaching App TutAR Raises Seed Funding

TutAR raises seed funding

TutAR, the next-reality classroom and augmented reality teaching app operated by Infusory Future Tech Labs Pvt. Ltd., has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed round led by April Ventures and SalesboxAI’s founder Roy Rajan.

The fresh capital will help the company to scale its operations, including hiring fresh talent to build a world-class team as well as enhancing technology, TutAR said in a statement.

TutAR was launched in 2020 by Thomson Tom, Shyam Pradeep Alil, and Suvith S with the vision to use technology to enable teachers to deliver lessons in a more effective way to students worldwide. It helps teachers to guide students through simple AR visualizations of complex ideas; enabling students better understand the fundamentals instead of mugging up the lessons. TutAR app is available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows users.

TutAR app augments and enhances the teaching process thus providing the students with an immersive learning experience.

Commenting on the development, Thomson Tom, Co-founder & CEO of TutAR, said,

"Our customer set is swiftly increasing as we've started serving not just 250+ individual teachers, but over 100+ educational institutions as well. This helps us lay the foundation for targeting the global EdTech demand of over $50 billion for India and beyond. This investment is in the run-up to our pre-Series A round."

Shyam Pradeep Alil, Co-founder & CTO at Infusory, added that their vision is to enhance the teaching and learning process with the help of technology and create a universal eco-system for teachers and learners.

TutAR founders are also working with institutions to set up their AR/VR labs and their very own metaverse to help students learn, experience, and grasp new concepts in an innovative way.

TutAR has a huge library of syllabus-oriented content, with a universal curriculum suitable for all subjects, and AR content for science subjects from classes 1 to 12th. The app comes with preloaded AR content. Teachers can stream the content through any videoconferencing software that supports screen sharing, record the video interacting with the AR objects, and share it on social media.

Ravi Linganuri, Partner at April Ventures, said,

"We at April Ventures believe the EdTech space is ready for disruption with AR/VR, and Infusory is on the right path with one of the largest collections of AR-based teaching aids for schools the world over."

Roy Rajan, Founder at SalesboxAI, said he is "excited to be part of this journey with Infusory as they introduce teachers and students to the world of AR/VR and metaverse."

According to Suvith S, CSO of TutAR, its next reality platform can be used by any learning provider to bring 3D AR models into what they teach making each session super engaging and fun. They don't have to waste time reinventing the wheel again, he said.

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