How Jagat Patel’s OEC Became India’s One Stop Destination For Students Looking To Study Abroad

Born in Baroda’s illustrious business family, Jagat Patel, a graduate from Webster University, United Kingdom conceived OEC (Overseas Education Centre) to facilitate global experience to be easily accessible to all students back home who dared to dream big & think global.

An Indian, who spent formative years of his life in London, came back home only to start OEC in 2003 with the core objective of helping students achieve their dreams to study abroad. With a well-trained team that looks after every student at each step from consultation, to selection of the university, application & also visa formalities, OEC became the pioneers soon enough of a hassle-free overseas education process.


Jagat Patel learnt the know-how of the complex procedures & challenges often faced by students in making the big move. Under his guidance, OEC expanded with offices across India & also globally, creating a robust network with leading institutions worldwide, improvising & upgrading better education services to students who often found the whole procedure quite intimidating & a tedious one.

In the last two decades, OEC has recruited over 10,000 students to universities, colleges & institutions around the world. Jagat Patel, a visionary, went against the tide as he chose education over a well settled family business. A connoisseur of art & fashion, Jagat Patel lives out of a suitcase quite literally. Currently speaking from his education fair held in Sri Lanka, Jagat Patel shares, ‘If we want a new generation of leaders & innovators who can be effective in an ever more globalized world, sending our students abroad is an absolute necessity. I lived abroad most of my life, I was lucky to have access to quality education & a wide exposure. I guess entrepreneurship was in my blood but I finally found my calling in education. Living & studying abroad, someplace out of my comfort zone opened my mind in ways more than one. I wanted this life changing experience to be available to students who envisioned a future studying abroad. At OEC, we primarily guide the students to realize their strengths, areas of expertise & also their passion & scope of work & accordingly shortlist universities & hold their hand at every step towards the dream.’

jagat patel'Since its establishment in 2003, OEC has emerged as the leading visa consultancy for overseas education in India. We offer a comprehensive solution for all your overseas education needs. Our experienced counsellors help students find the best education opportunities worldwide. We offer guidance throughout the visa application, funding, and pre-departure process, Jagat Patel shares his success story & his core workings.'

OEC works with institutions around the world including United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada & New Zealand. With OEC’s success rate even during the pandemic, where they successfully sent students abroad, Jagat Patel has surely made a name for changing overseas education system in India. 

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