Dutch EdTech Startup SchoolTalent Raises €850k To Expand Its Reach In Netherlands And Germany

Dutch EdTech Startup School Talent Raises €850k To Expand Its Reach In Netherlands And Germany

SchoolTalent, a Utrecht-based fastest growing educational technology platform, announced that it has raised €850,000 in a fresh round of growth funding.

According to the company, the fresh capital will be used to further improve the didactic quality of the platform for students and tutors. In addition, the startup also plans to utilise the funds for further expansion in both the Netherlands and Germany.

Founded in 2018 by Florian Zandbergen, SchoolTalent looks toward a fairer tutoring market. Using artificial intelligence, the platform makes it easier to find the right (screened) tutor. Once the student and tutor have found each other, it supports both the student and tutor with didactic support, practice materials and more. The company operates in the Netherlands under the name Bijles Aan Huis, and as Lernigo in Germany.

The startup's mission is to provide as many students as possible with ‘high-quality’ one-on-one tutoring.

Talking about how Bijles Aan Huis was born, Company's Founder, Florian Zandbergen, said,

"As a little boy, I had a passion for everything except school. My parents worked in education, at the same school that I reluctantly cycled to every day. They regularly mentioned how hard the work was and that they were unable to give students the personal attention they needed. I ignored this information and failed to see that as a difficult student I was part of this nationwide problem.”

Zandbergen further added:

"Until I got a call from a colleague of my parents. He told me that my parents were concerned about my progress and behaviour towards teachers. That was when I realised I was part of the problem my parents discussed almost every day at the dinner table."

During the pandemic, SchoolTalent made its online tutoring platform available to schools for free, so they could be ready for the switch to online teaching faster.

Zandbergen believes that with the use of technology, SchoolTalent is building a platform that will eventually make high-quality tutoring accessible to every student.

Bijles Aan Huis aims to launch the program immediately by providing free tutoring access to children in disadvantaged families. The goal is to provide tutoring services to a total of 500,000 students annually by 2024.

The latest fundraising comes after the company had raised €500,000 in the summer of 2021.

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