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“There are two elements of high quality research. One is access to other research papers, and other is collaboration. Unfortunately in India, up to 18% researchers won’t collaborate.” , says Rahul Agarwalla, Founder of Knimbus.

Indian Government funds 

2% of the country’s GDP for research activities, but as mentioned above, the collaboration among researchers in India is not up to the standard. This is the assertion on which Knimbus, an Indian company and a cloud-based research platform which helps in the discovery and sharing of scholarly content, has been co-founded by Rahul Agarwalla & his long time friend Tarun Arora after their great research in India and Japan.

About Knimbus:

Knimbus is an information search and collaboration platform that connects researchers of different fields namely Scientific, Technical and Medical, and helps them discover open access information across multiple data sources. It also enables them to create and share knowledge with like-minded researchers. Although Knimbus provides scientists and researchers with a one of the best collaboration platform, it also serves students and other professionals who are involved in the consumption and creation of the knowledge. Let’s learn about its features quickly.

Register an account with Knimbus to access it effectively. Sign up directly or you can also sign in with your Facebook account. Once you’re logged in, everything is set for you to discover, create and share best resources. The web layout looks similar to Facebook and it has an easy and user-friendly interface.


Single Search Window : Single point access to all subscribed content and open sources customized for your library ensures your search to be effective, fast and simple.

Visual Clusters : Search environment powered with graphs, heat maps and sorting tools help you filter search results and find exact content.

Top Results: On the main page, it displays the popular articles (which are liked by many researchers). It also allows users to browse popular search results by using advanced search options.

Bibliography: All the search results have complete bibliography including authors and publication details that can be exported as citations. This feature helps you save your precious time.

Research Profile:

Detailed profile features work location, education, experience, knowledge domain, interests, etc., helps get your work recognized in the community.

Personalized Workspace:

Knimbus provides you with online folders to save your searches and links to published content. It also enables you to save your own documents.

Social Tagging: Knimbus provides users with a great social platform to explore and exchange ideas, create and share content.

Including the above mentioned features, Knimbus also enables users with high speed real-time search, instant sharing of projects to avoid duplication and advanced filter options.Community features are an integral part of Knimbus as it allows users to create Groups for their research, collaborate with team members using Shared Projects and much more.

Interesting things about Knimbus:

Knimbus was founded in November,2010 and its beta was launched in June2011. It has seen impressive growth year after year. Knimbus is now used in over 1,200 institutions across 34 different countries. From a revenue standpoint, it’s touching a 100,000 USD this year.

Knimbus does not license the content but it helps users discover licensed content as well as openly accessed information. Knimbus provides users with a link to the content that resides on the publishers' Web platforms.

Freemium model of Knimbus provides flexibility for subscribers to get started without paying, while the premium version offers institutes the ability to customize the platform with wider content access and library tools.

According to Rahul, founder of Knimbus, the best research comes with collaboration.

Accessed by over 50,000 researchers at major academic and research institutions like IITs, IISERs, CSIR Labs, CDOT, CDAC and various state and central universities, Knimbus has made its mark in the world of educational technology. We hope this information is useful for you to know about a great platform Knimbus, which recognizes the fact that “Besides information, it is also communication what drives innovation”. We’d like to have your personal views on collaboration-based research. Please feel free to share with us in the comment box. 

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