Henry Raises $10M to Connect Talent From Latin America to Remote Jobs in Tech

Henry Raises $10M Series A funding

Henry, an online tech academy that invests in people’s education, has raised US$10 million in Series A funding led by Kayyak Ventures and Seaya Cathay Latam.

Other venture capitals and investors such as Dila Capital, Amarena, Eduardo della Maggiora (Betterfly) also participated in the series, and Accion Venture Lab, Matías Woloski (Auth0), and Draper University, together with other tech entrepreneurs followed on their previous investment in the seed funding series.

Henry is the first online tech academy that invests in people’s education. It offers two short but intensive high-quality tech careers that train students with the technologies that companies are demanding and helps them land a job: Full Stack Development and Data Science. Henry offers hands-on and top-tier curriculums validated with experts and leaders from the industry and steeped with real-world training (over 800 coding hours). Additionally, the platform provides a one-on-one career support system that helps students land high-quality jobs in tech.

Speaking about the company, Martín Borchardt, CEO & Founder of Henry, said,

"Henry was founded with the mission to accelerate LatAm’s transition towards social equality by connecting people with high-paying jobs. We are challenging the status quo of education by showing that everyone can learn to code and land a job in tech, no matter their previous professional and socioeconomic backgrounds."

This is very important for LatAm as it is a region with extreme income inequality and high unemployment. According to Henry’s numbers, 90% of their students land a job in tech and increase their previous salaries 4x on average.

Luz Borchardt, Co-Founder of Henry, added,

"We introduced the Income Share Agreement (ISA) to the region, a disruptive model that allows us to invest in people with talent and potential. We want to be the tech academy with the highest quality, volume, and social impact of Latin America. This new funding will let us consolidate our presence all over Latin America, with a big focus on Mexico and Colombia, and launch new careers with lots of job opportunities."

With over 5,000 students, Henry is the first online LatAm tech academy that trains students with zero upfront costs for a share of their future incomes.

Federico Gómez Romero, Principal at Seaya Cathay Latam, said,

"With its flexible and fair payment options, high-quality curriculum, remote origins, and access to top employers – we believe the company is well-positioned to make a lasting, positive impact while leading a highly attractive market."

Evelyn Von Bischhoffshausen, General Partner of Kayyak Ventures, also said,

"In Henry, we saw the opportunity to solve the biggest challenges education has in Latam in terms of coverage, quality, and pertinence, with a value proposition that is extremely attractive for students and companies given the growing global demand for technological talent."

Henry doesn’t charge any recruiting fees and its candidates are ready to join the company within 24 hours of hiring. Anyone interested can contact Henry’s Job Placement team and get a personalized candidate list or can access talent.soyhenry.com, browse through the available candidates, and get in touch with them directly. The website is free of charge, easy to use, and has no intermediaries.

According to the company, over 1,000 companies around the world hire Henry talent today, from LatAm unicorns to startups from the United States or Europe, such as Rappi, Globant, JP Morgan, Scale AI, Auth0, Accenture, Mercado Libre, Kavak, Globant, Savvy, Meowtel, and Wisboo.

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