Perceived Design Launches Experiential Learning App for Grade 11-12

Perceived Design Launches Experiential Learning App

Perceived Design, a Bengaluru-based online platform for businesses to create, share, and track training modules, has launched its learning app METAcademy (BETA), India’s first experiential learning app for grades 11, 12, and NEET UG.

Founded by Uttam Kumar Pandey, Perceived uses its proprietary XR technology to elevate the students' learning using 3D Interactive Interface and AR & VR experiences. METAcademy is a place that intends to facilitate active learning more than just a passive mode of learning available in all other apps. Powered by Perceiv, the learning app adds new dimensions to Live Classes and Study Materials.

METAcademy LIVE Classes are conducted by the best teacher in the industry and allow students to simultaneously refer, explore, and learn by interacting and experiencing it. Its study materials are more than just PDFs and handwritten notes but interactive 3D with labeled tags and short notes with auto reader mode.

Experiential Learning accelerates learning, provides a safe learning environment, bridges the gap between theory and practice, produces demonstrable mindset changes, increases engagement levels, and enables personalized learning.

Speaking about the new learning app, Uttam Kumar Pandey, Founder & CEO of Perceived Design, said,

"Learning is not limited to just marks or knowing facts but to act, reflect, think, and apply. METAcademy is an endeavour to build a community for sharing thoughts, discuss, teach and learn with peers. METAcademy will address many of the skills that 21st-century learners needed in a virtual land."

From the vantage point in 2020, Perceived saw a need – and an opportunity – for education to adapt to the latest learning needs and desires. It believes the future of K-12 education will rely on collaborative learning, prioritizing social and emotional learning as a core feature of education rather than just geographic connectivity (Remote learning).

Perceived’s METAcademy app will be available on Google Play Store.

Perceived Design is an easy-to-use XR-powered online platform for businesses to create, share and track training modules, online stores, product showcases, immersive tours, and stories. It believes that the synergy of Design and Technology can only fill the gap between what the brand intends and what the audience perceives. With its proprietary immersive technologies and design vision, the platform brings in products to better communicate and understand its audience and thus drive engagement. It creates, engages, and share immersive product experience on its website, blogs, or any online medium and capture engagement analytics in real-time.

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Author: Stephen Soulunii
Stephen Soulunii No more a student, but love to learn. Not a teacher, but care about how students are taught. Not an educator, but want everyone to be educated. Not a social worker, but desire to see change. Not a reformer, but always want to see a better world. The author believes that only sound education can bring a better future, better world and technology can help achieve a lot in this field.

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